A Documentary by Erica Oudgenoeg
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LOCKLINEThe documentary highlights the life of Polaroidman, the best known unknown Utrechter. With roses and camera he roamed the Utrecht nightlife for years.

He was a well-known appearance in Utrecht; Polaroidman.

You're having a cozy dinner in Utrecht and suddenly he appears at your table offering roses and carrying a camera. It's Polaroidman. The mood is right, so you let polaroidman take a snapshot of you and your company. While you wait for the image to appear, he's already off to another table. Everybody knows him, but what do you really know about him? 

Over thirty years Polaroidman Singh roamed the Utrecht nightlife. Thirty years of taking one off- polaroid snapshots, maybe a bit out of fashion, but that's what made it special. Now he's gone, back to his home country. He never got his residence permit. 

What's the story of the man behind the camera? In all these years Singh built a genuine fanbase. With this documentary we try to catch a glimpse of the mans life, as a form of tribute. 

Buy in your own polaroid(s) in the movie! With the returns we try to get Singh to come over for the première. 


Quote that inspired the maker

" In a hundred polaroids he captured a time-lapse of our family. He became our house photographer."
Lodewijk van Walraven
This project was closed on 31-03-2018

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