Phoenix 38

Phoenix 38
A Short film by Sander van Dijk
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LOCKLINEA man with no memory awakes at the dawn of a new ice age, only to find he has been made the subject of a desperate scientific experiment.


A man wakes up with no memory in a frozen world, dominated by mechanical forces. He is found by Nika, a lone survivalist. She decides to take the man with her and help him recover.

Soon Nika discovers that the man is a subject of the mysterious "Phoenix Project", subject number 38. The "Phoenix Project" is an initiative by ASOF (Advanced Science Operations Facilities), a privatized military organization acting as a totalitarian regime and suppressing the last surviving citizens of the world. The ultimate goal of ASOF is warming the earth to make it livable again.

Nika and 38 set out to find answers and become involved in the war between anarchistic rebels and the powerful ASOF. They are forced to make a choice. Is life worth living under the oppression of ASOF? Or should the degrading practices of the latter be stopped at the risk of the extinction of the human race?

Amidst all the turmoil 38 discovers a special force within himself that can help him in his fight. But whose side will he choose?


The creative use of visual effects is underestimated in the Netherlands. It gives us the opportunity to show and discovers new worlds to discover. Practical sets can be extended and we even have the opportunity to make some shots entirely CG (computer generated). However, it is the interaction of the actors with their environment that will tie everything together.

Creativity must never be limited, therefore we ask you for help. With your contribution we can make an epic Dutch visual spectacle for a worldwide audience. We want to show the world that a small country like the Netherlands is able to create a short film with the conviction of a Hollywood movie!


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Quote that inspired the maker

''I am their answer to this hell of ice. But I will not be their slave of fire.''
Phoenix 38
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