Petrol Dollars for a Different Engine

Petrol Dollars for a Different Engine
A Documentary by Eline Hesse & Robin Vogel
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About the project
LOCKLINEEline goes on a journey to sustainably reinvest her investment portfolio, a collection of stocks, given to her by her father, an ex-Shell man.

In this coming of age story, the creative and activistic Eline (26) goes on a journey how she reinvests her small investment portfolio in the most sustainable way. The investment portfolio, currently invested in shares like Shell and McDonald’s, she received from her father, a pensioned Shell man. During her journey she explores how her generation perceives wealth and a good life, and how that compares to the generation of her parents. Can she link her ideals with her capital? Can she use her petrol dollars to start a different engine?

During Eline’s search she unlocks the often closed doors of the financial world. Through this, she not only wants to make herself more aware of the impact of her choices, but also make others aware. During the journey conversations with her business-wise father also play an important role. The journey eventually leads her to make a well-considered decision and leads to concrete action.


In a personal and philosophical way, this documentary investigates one of the most important questions of our time; we all want to contribute to a more sustainable world, where we consider people and planet. But we also strive for a lifestyle with more luxury. These two driving forces are in constant conflict with each other.
Because what does sustainability really mean? What is sustainable investing really? Is it even possible to make your own life more sustainable? Eline is confronted with these questions during the documentary and needs to take action.
Eline’s dilemma is therefore a mirror for the choices we need to make as a society. The documentary is an essay that aims to set off thought and debate, but we also aim to trigger action for positive change !
This film is not the goal in itself. It is about the responsibility that both millennials and our parents need to take to shift towards a sustainable economy. We want to create unique connections, by also organising viewings and debates to ensure the film has maximum impact!


Motivation Robin (director):

By now I have gained deep insight into the life of Eline. The relationship between her and her father stands for the way that millennials and baby boomers relate to each other, giving the two generations a face. For me the film is essentially about their relationship. This is how her story has the possibility to touch people; because it is both personal and universal. Every child wants their parents to be proud, and to be understood.

Motivation Eline (initiator):

This film for me is more than a film, it is a start to becoming more aware and also helping others become more aware. I realize that I am extremely privileged; but with privilege comes responsibility. My two largest investments are currently Shell and McDonald’s, companies that I know are not good for the planet. As a climate aware person and a vegetarian, I find it uncomfortable that I am profiting from oil and fastfood. The fact that with my choices I can make an impact on the world gave me the urgency to make this film.
An important part of the story is the conversations with my father John (65), that made the portfolio. Although we are different, we can learn a lot from each other. My personal story has societal relevance and with this film I want to reach a broad young audience to talk about big issues about wealth, ideals and generations. As an artist, this film is my gift for you, the public. 

Why do we need the money?

To make the film a quality documentary with an international reach we need a healthy budget. We need this for costs such as hiring sound guys, composers and equipment. And of course covering travel costs, hard disks and other related costs.


Together we can make this film possible !


We want to make this project possible with your donation! Moreover, when the targeted amount is reached, every euro you donate is doubled by Eline. She will do this by selling a part of her Shell and McDonald’s shares.
When you invest in us, you automatically co-invest in a sustainable message, AND make this film possible. The rest of her portfolio Eline will need to reinvest as sustainable as possible, because without her shares she cannot make an impact, we don’t have a story and don’t have a film.
If you invest in our film, we promise to give you some serious food for thought, and a story which every child our parent will recognize, nice rewards and INFINITE thankfulness!
Support us! 


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Quote that inspired the maker

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them."
Albert Einstein
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