Otra Historia

Otra Historia
A Short film by Luis Jorge Mujia Duarte
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About the project
LOCKLINESuicide doesn't mean the end when you are already dead. When a Cuban painter loses his pregnant wife in the fateful Cubana de Aviación Flight 972...

Story line

In the turbulent Havana of 2020, Fredy (37), a successful visual artist, visits the Cuban province of Holguin where he encounters the love of his life, Sandra (35). One year later, Sandra becomes pregnant and makes the unfortunate decision to return to Holguin to see her mother, Fredy cannot accompany her because of the upcoming demand for work and decides to buy her a plane ticket on the Cuban black market, Cubana de Aviación Flight 972 which crashes in the vicinity of the Havana airport, thus ending the life of Fredy's love and his unborn son Dany. Fredy enters a deep depression from which he cannot get out, he stops painting by taking refuge in alcohol and drugs whose mixture makes him have hallucinations with Sandra. Eventually Fredy decides to take his own life by mixing alcohol and pills.

director's vision

The airplane crash of May 18, 2018 in the surroundings of the José Martí airport situated in Havana City, Cuba, bound for the province of Holguín, marked a before and after for me as a human being and an artist. I had never lived so closely to an incident of that magnitude. One hundred and thirteen dead and one survivor. A young 19-year-old warrior who was studying to be a dancer in Havana and who, despite medical efforts, lost one of her legs. As the days went by, images and news began to emerge of the lack of humanity and respect of many of the people who came to the site at the tragic moment only to film or steal the belongings of the victims who were lying scattered throughout the area.

The absence of organization and strategy by the authorities in transporting the victims' relatives by buses, who were desperate and helpless stranded in the province of Holguín in the Oriente de Cuba, exactly 738 km from the capital. I would like to underline that the transfer from one province to the other driving on a highway in perfect conditions would take 9 hours, but given the negligence of the authorities and the deplorable state of the pavement the trip becomes a torture.

My heart was increasingly sorrowful for every mother, father, brother, grandfather, son or friend who was left with the desire to embrace a loved one once again.

After a few months, I returned to The Netherlands; as usual. It was on my return that I discovered that there were many loose ends and murky events regarding the Mexican company Global Air, which leased the plane to Cubana de Aviación. 

Former employees of Global Air, who are partly to blame for the continuing failure to comply with international aviation regulations, are reporting that they have been shattered and are partly to blame. This is where I aim to go with my film: to insist on creating human consciousness; if these employees had at some point denounced the mishandling of insurance regulations this would not have been the case.

All this information was never made known by any official media on the island, something that I am personally very disappointed with, but that also did not take me by any surprise. Inspired by this particular fact and many others like it, I could not help but feel and dare to tell this story translated into a film that would pierce the deepest heart of every person who works directly or indirectly in the transportation of Human Beings.

Accidents of this magnitude unfortunately not only result in human casualties; they also consume the souls of hundreds of family members who will never see their loved ones ever again, like Fredy: the protagonist of this story.


The shooting will take place in mid-January 2021 in Havana, Cuba, a country that as long as we remember has been in a serious and above all unfair political and economic crisis. Also a country where unprecedented talented actors, actresses and other creative professionals full of love, drive and passion, despite everything, always try to make their dreams come true with a smile. We, the director and producer, don't need to earn anything from this project ourselves, but we put all our hours into this project with lots of love because we want to support both the relatives of the plane disaster and everyone who works as a cast or crew on this both wonderful and urgent project.

With your support, we can rent all the equipment that is needed for the recordings, such as a video camera and light. But catering, transport and locations also need to be arranged. Most importantly, we think that the cast and crew from Cuba receive a fair remuneration, which is very rare there.

Normally, the costs for a similar short film of approximately 20 minutes will cost up to € 100,000, but if we can reach an amount of € 10,000 with your support and our love, we together can make this project come true. Every donation will be valued with a cool reward!

A sweet greeting,

Luis Jorge Mujia Duarte (director and writer)

Andrea Noske (producer)

Quote that inspired the maker

Love exists and is great, although we also suffer and die for it. My best friend couldn't get over the loss of Sandra and Dany. Human error or not, the consequences are irreversible.
Voice-over: Claudio
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