Onder Water

Under Water
A Documentary by Tristan Visser
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About the project
LOCKLINEA documentary film about the sea's soundscape, the influence of music and sound under water.

UPDATE: By donating in the coming days you will receive a special gift from us from Greenland! Help us in making this film. :)

In this film we'll follow Tristan in his search on the effects of noise pollution in sea. Tristan is a talented musician experimenting with sound on his travels. Born and raised on the Frisian island Terschelling, he feels strongly connected to nature and in particular the North Sea.

Deep meaning of Voyaging door Esther Kokmeijer ©2018


Soundscape under the surface

Hearing is the primal sense to marine life. For them sound is what vision is to people. That vision is clouded by the activities of man. 

Marine life is dependent on sound for navigation and communication. In this short experimental documentary he wants to make contact with aquatic life. Whales communicate on vast distances by singing songs which develop over time. Human activity in sea such as shipping, the construction of windmill parks, seismic surveys and gas and oil fields are disrupting the live under water. In this film we'll follow Tristan on his research on the effects mankind has on the marine life. With a sailboat he'll set out on a journey towards the Arctic Ocean to make contact with these animals.

Link: Herrie in de Noordzee

For a sound installation by Sense of Place I worked with a pair of hydrophones. I was wondering how it would sound on the sea floor. By accident i recorded the ferry to Terschelling as heard from Vlieland 6 kilometers away!

Luister hier!  AUDIO | Waddenzee, Vlieland - onderwater opname #1

Loch Ness by Jasper Doest ©2017


Why This Film?

With this short film we are hoping to find an accessible way to create awareness on the invisible, jet destructive impact we have on the nature. By connecting to this aquatic life and bringing the soundscape above the surface, curiosity will rise and the need to conserve and protect the inhabitants of the sea.

We can no longer deny the fact that we’re harming the nature around us. Though we seem to pay more and more attention to this matter, we seem to mainly focus on the visible effects mankind has on nature. On land everything is visibly cultivated. At sea it doesn’t seem as such, because we rarely find ourselves under water for a longer period of time. Humans are very much present in the underwater world. Cause of the melting of the polar ice caps, new waterways are opening up. Shipping and the oil and gas industry is rising in places before unreachable.  

Link: Wereld Natuur Fonds | Arctic Noise

How can you help us?

With your donations we can assemble the resources and crew to realize this project. To produce this short film, we'll need to gather a film crew and rent a ship among other things. The first shootings will take place Greenland between june 27th and july 13th. After a successful production, the film will be broadcasted on both the local and national television networks and on various (film) festivals. We're working together with the NPO2 and Omrop Fryslân. Surely all donations will be gratefully rewarded with for instance, name mention in the credits, a concert given by Tristan on a special location, an overnight package for two for the Terschellinger Film festival november this year and a sailing trip on the North Sea!

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Picture by Karim Iliya.


Picture 1 Deep meaning of Voyaging by Esther Kokmeijer ©2017
Picture 2 Expedition Loch Ness by Jasper Doest ©2017
Picture 3 Humpback Whales by Karim Iliya

Quote that inspired the maker

I hear what you say, but i see what you do.
Walter Visser
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