We made it!!


Yesterday we were at home, preparing to go out on the streets to celebrate Carnaval. In the morning we had 1,7% to go, and just before we left it was only 43 euros. Every minute we refreshed our page to see if we had made it already. Unfortunately, after already being half an hour late, we had to leave the house and our computer.

We gathered at our friends house, still with the crowdfunding tension in the back of our minds. Just before leaving his house we wondered: shall we have one last little look? We did, and we got the best reason ever to celebrate: 10.007 euros!

This message comes to you a bit late, not because we're not satisfied, but because we had a little hangover. Amazingly, it has not stopped yet: we're now at a 10.217 euros. Great, because every euro will be put in improving our production!

We're really proud and motivated by all your support. This project couldn't be made possible without you. In our newsletter we'll keep you posted every week on the latest news, advances in the production process ánd new articles about Itaquera on itaqueradoc.com. So stay with us!

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