Happy monday!

Monday #3: 3.336 euros! Every day we're getting closer to our goal and that makes us very happy! What's on the planning for this week?

Our website:On our website you will find the first previews of what we've already filmed. Today we give away a little bit of Drancy's life. He's preparing for a very important meeting at the town hall of Itaquera, where the favela will get news regarding it's future. Also, we will write new background articles: How does a favela get its electricity? How is the local police preparing for the World Cup? And what's up with the fairground between all the construction sites?

Media:Also we wrote a couple of new background blogs on de Buitenlandredactie (Ron, about the Itaquerao and the tensions surrounding it) and de Nieuwe Reporter (Veerle, about crowdfunding itself). And this week we'll have interviews on both Noticias.nl and NU.nl!

Crowdfunding:We're also expecting news from our Brazilian mediapartner, Canal Futura. They will pay a license fee to broadcast our documentary series. This fee we'll deposit directly on Cinecrowd.nl. Also we're talking with a Dutch mediapartner for a contribution on Cinecrowd in exchange for our content. With this in sight, we're even closer to our end goal!

Production:And of course, the production keeps going. Tomorrow we will film with Raquel at the Itaquera police. And Sunday we'll go to a big market with Djair, at 5 in the morning. We'll keep you posted!

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This backyard World Cup was such a fun time, and I am glad that I got to be a part of this with all my customessays friends. I hope that more backyard events like this one will be held here. That would truly make me happy.