Candomblé with Douglas


Monday #2: 2716 euros! We're really happy with the progress! Last week we had a busy week. We put five new articles about Itaquera on our own blog. Veerle started writing about the crowdfunding process for 'De Nieuwe Reporter'. And at 'De Buitenlandredactie' you can find one of our articles every week.

But, besides that, the production is also in progress. We got some good news from the São Paulo Civil Police, department of Itaquera: we got permission to film them. Today we're going to negotiate about when and where. More news soon!Also on Saturday we went to Itaquera to film Douglas. He had a candomblé ceremony (African based religion) in the house where he was born and where his grandparents still live. A preview:



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afbeelding van Aditya Yadav

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