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I decided to give a small party! You are hereby cordially invited to my house on Wednesday the 11th of December from 18.00 - 22.00! And this is what will be happening:

For this event I am making a room in my house with objects, from dresses to hammers, to (art) books, to props, to cups to fabrics, to jewelry to furcoats to prints to photographs. Things I've been holding on to and I now want to let go of. As my film is about letting go of things, on that evening I will be letting go of.. THINGS! Every visitor gets to take one thing out of the object-room for free. I will have a guestbook in which you can write why you wanted to take that specific thing. Just like at a wedding but then different.  If you wish to join this event, send me a message on and I will give you the adress. Hope to see you tonight! Silvia

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