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LOCKLINEAn overworked nurse is being stalked during her nightshift in a nursing home. A short horror film about our healthcare system.


Nightingale is a short horror film about our healthcare system. The idea for the film was created by director Jasper de Bruin and screenwriter Simone Duwel. They collaborated on the film after being introduced to each other by a mutual friend. They wrote a screenplay and a project plan that got selected by MADE IN AMSTERDAM: talent, a call organized by Cinecrowd and The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts will donate € 4.000,- if we reach our goal of € 6.000,- !

Concept art for Nightingale by Joeri Lefévre



Nurse Julia is being stalked during her night shift in the nursing home. She is heavily overworked. Things heat up to such tense levels that Julia is pushed to the limit. The film depicts an imaginative and frightening rendition of a night shift in an understaffed care home and the heartbreaking consequences of an unhealthy health care system.

About the film

Nightingale uses typical genre conventions and tropes of horror to subvert the viewer’s expectations. You could say the film is basically built on plot twists. This is also the reason we cannot tell you too much about the story. Buried underneath the horror plot, the film paints a somber picture of an efficient health care system. Through our main character Julia we show the consequences of a system that neglects vitality and attention and overworks its employers. It remains a horror film, so don’t expect us to get soft on suspense, blood, practical effects and gritty actions scenes.

Image, sound design and music play a crucial part in our film. We chose to make a film without dialogue so we can present the film outside our language barrier.

It would be a shame to spoil the film, but we assure you Nightingale will be an original and subversive addition to the horror genre.

Images from the moodboard for Nightingale



Director Jasper de Bruin:
I’m fascinated by horror films. Out of all genres, horror is probably the most subversive one. It feels very much like an outsider genre: offering an extreme view of things from another perspective. There are other stories hidden beneath the surface of my favorite horror films. They are metaphors for something else. Sometimes they tell about a transformative experience, sometimes they are social commentaries or simply a clear-cut confrontation with our deepest fears.
Screenwriter Simone Duwel:
I have a chance to say something about a relevant social theme with Nightingale and I finally get to work in the horror genre. This is a refreshing and enjoyable experience for me: there aren’t that many Dutch horror films. I believe Nightingale has become something special in our hands. When we started developing the screenplay we both had the ambition to be innovative, but respectful. The screenplay and plan we have reflect that.




Why should I support this film?

Horror is the genre of fear. We confronted our biggest fear, for now, by mocking it in the campaign video. But we are dead serious about our film: without money and time, we cannot accomplish what we set out to do with Nightingale.

We’re realistic about special effects: without them, we can’t tell our story in a convincing way. We really need the budget to do this well. The subject matter of the film is dear to our hearts. For us, it is critical to give Nightingale the professional attention and craft it deserves.

After a successful crowdfund we will look for an appropriate and experienced producer to co-produce the film and help with international distribution.



Quote that inspired the maker

There are two different stories in horror: internal and external. In external horror films, the evil comes from the outside, the other tribe, this thing in the darkness that we don't understand. Internal is the human heart.
John Carpenter
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