The Moonwalker Experience

The Moonwalker Experience
A Short film by Ryan de Jong
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About the project
LOCKLINEDiana is being asked on a date by four different guys who are all trying to win over her hart with their inner Michael Jackson.


The Moonwalker Experience is about a girl named Diana. Diana is a Michael Jackson fan who’s being asked on a date by four different guys. All of these four guys represent a different charachter of Michael Jackson and are trying to impress Diana with their dancemoves and charms.

The four charachters of the guys are all based on four different charachters Michael Jackson played in four of his music video's. Diana is based on three different girls from Michael Jackson's music video's.

We have drawn our inspiration from four different music video's from Michael Jackson: You Rock My World, The Way You Make Me Feel, Beat It and Thriller.

The only problem now is, that we don't have enough budget left to finish the movie. That is why I'm asking all you MJ fans and the people who think that this is a nice project, to please help us by donating some money so we can finish what we have started. Help us finish this movie in honour of Michael Jackson.


The Moonwalker Experience is a tribute to Michael Jackson. Last year the documentary Leaving Neverland was released. This documentary badly damaged Michael's reputation. Personally I think that this is unfair because, the documentary was in my opinion badly put together. I'm a Michael Jackson fan myself and I read the news surrounding him on a regular basis. This past year there was a lot of nagativity surrounding MJ and as a fan it is very frustrating and painfull to hear and read all of these nasty rumours.

That is why I started this filmproject, to all Micael Jackson fans. I want to make something beautiful that has do to with MJ, something apart from all the rumours and lies that have been told.

Momentarily his art and impact on the music industry are being overshadowed By gossip and rumours. Michael Jackson was an amazing artist whom wich legacy should not be torn apart by rumours about his private life. 

Quote that inspired the maker

When one person believes in something it's a dream. When two persons share the same dream it's the beginning of a new reality.
Michael Jackson