Millennials or The Next Great Generation?

Millennials or The Next Great Generation?
Een Documentaire van Marcel Siegmund & Iekje Smit
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LOCKLINEMeet the Millennials.....Lazy entitled narcissists.....nomads without borders.....or entrepreneurial go-getters out to change the world?

Millennials or The Next Great Generation?

Or are they?

In this film you will meet them…as up close and personal as we can get.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear…is a song from the sixties, when we - the makers of this film - were growing up. But it captures the mood of today’s times & with that illustrates the kinship that we - babyboomers - feel with the millennials.

What is happening here and now is that the millennials have come of age and are determined to make a difference. Why? Simply because they are, think and do different. It's in their DNA.

So what is their dna?

Fact is that technology is their bread and butter, a second nature to them; they travel the globe with an ease that astounds us. I decided to drop by for dinner, one told me last year, because I was in the neighbourhood.  She is in Madrid and I am in Amsterdam. I am running a restoration company, another millennial tells me.He is in the Netherlands and the thriving company he manages is in Argentina.

No problem. No really, it isn't. 

We are amazed and intrigued.

Who are we?

We are filmmakers from another generation — the baby boomers. With our roots in social filmmaking, we have been capturing personal stories for over 40 years….and trying to capture them in such a way that it moves the heart and entices the ears and eyes, aiming to instigate dialogue about things that matter. And these young people really do.

Why do we want to make this movie? 

Now we would like to capture the story of this generation, the millennials, not only because they amaze and intrigue us, but also because we feel we have something in common. Both generations rock(ed) society to its core.  

Millennials are: special, sheltered, entitled, confident, team-oriented, conventional, unadapted, narcissistic and achieving. Add tech savvy and optimistic and the kids promise to be The Next Great Generation. And they populate our universities, my home base for the past 40 years. 

The Movie

The movie we want to make is a personal portrait of 5 of today's international university students with whom we share a good deal of our time and space on a daily basis. We want to try and get inside their heads and their lives. Do they share a look on life? How do they live their lives? What are their goals, their are they rocking society to its core? 

Are they really the next great generation?

Our invitation to you…

We invite you to go on a journey with these 5 exceptional young people from around the globe during in their transition from student to professional, thrown together by chance and their fascination for a globalising world. Let them tell you their personal stories, share their thoughts and express their views on the world we share as we follow them around the world. From everyday activities to life changing events, you will get a first-row seat into the life of a globe-trotting Millennial.

They will tell you their stories from their different perspectives as they answer our questions, as we film them in their run of the mill everyday millennial activities and as they look into your eyes in their video diaries and vlogs.  

Here’s how you can help…

We have done a mountain of work during these past 2 years in preparation of this documentary: We are asking you to help us complete this film, due to unexpected financial difficulty of our sponsor. We need money for the post production, the editing fase, the graphics. Our leading men and women travelled the globe during the two years that we documented. Their stories are personal and complex. A good deal of editing and illustration is required.

Only then we can document the lives and thoughts of these millennials, to understand, te consider and to appreciate.

So we are looking for help: cold hard cash, and/or if that is not an option for you, you could really help by being excited about this film and spreading the word. In return we would like to share our movie with you, by sending you a digital version and through the organisation of a festive premiere, somewhere in Europe. We would also invite a number of you for some serious backstage filmmaking participation as members of our review board or a fireside chat with the director and producer. 

As Buffalo Springfield sang in the 60's: there's something happening here. We hope you will join the fun!

Thank you!!


This crowdfunding project has received funding from the Province of Northern Brabant, The Netherlands, under the impulsgelden based on recommendations by BKKC (Brabants Knowlegde Centre for the Arts and Culture)

Realisatie van ons crowdfundingproject is mede tot stand gekomen door een bijdrage uit de impulsgelden van de provincie Noord-Brabant en door het advies van BKKC (brabants kenniscentrum kunst en cultuur)

De motivatie van bkkc bij dit project: Siegmund Audiovisuele Produkties kruipt met ‘Millennials or the Next Great Generation’ in de huid van millennials om hun kijk op de wereld te onderzoeken. Ook bkkc is benieuwd naar de bevindingen van het Bredase productiebedrijf en draagt graag bij!


Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

I want to be a powerful woman, high ambitions...I hope I can get there.