Mermaids on a way to dance

Mermaids on a way to dance
Een Experimentele film van Pierre Bessette
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LOCKLINEWhat happens when we throw two dancers into the great spaces of Patagonia? We invite you to participate to this adventure that mixes dance and cinema.



A film by Pierre Bessette/ Choreography by Dereck Cayla


Thanks to all contributors!  We are nearly there!

Thank you very much to all contributors! It's really unbelievable. We are nearly there!

For all those who wanted to help us but had no time to do so, the countdown has started.

5 days left to make the Mermaids dance in Patagonia!


Why this title?

The siren is a hybrid being unscathed from a separation with the nature that our bodies have undergone.


What is it about?

This short 30-minute film will be a kind of road movie carried by a duo formed by Victor Callens and Dereck Cayla. The idea is to let vibrate in a common pulsation the energy of two dancers and those of the great spaces of Patagonia.

[credit: Moises Moricoli]


In this road movie, nature will be like a mass of elements that will confront the dance, and instead of a voice-over, it will be the dance and the body who will take the place of narrator.

We seek to open the possibilities we have to relate to the world, to confront dance with nature and to explore the many ways to relate to it. By dancing in wide expanses the body can be the vector of this rediscovery and we want to testify it by cinema.


Two friends dancers meet in the great spaces of Patagonia to find the energy of dance in contact with this astonishing place. The elements, the forest, the water, the ice blend in with their metamorphoses.

Dereck Cayla and Victor Callens in YOUPARA/DISO, 2011 by Ickamsterdam: Emio greco/ P.C Scholten. [photo credit: Satine]



We decided to ask for support from you all because this ambitious project requires a little logistics to be completed. The challenge is to go with a camera, and nothing more than our bodies in the great spaces of the Patagonia. With a good preparation, enthusiasm and support we know we can make this adventure come true as we imagined it and even better. There is something stunning in the great South and we think we can feed our images with this force. We hope you will help us to make happen this project. Through this adventure we hope to create a different reality for us and our environment.

What is at stake for us? Dereck is striking out on choreography, it's a pivotal and very exciting time. Having Pierre's support in this process strengthens him in his choices. Putting dance out of theaters is an opportunity for Dereck to understand better what he wants to defend and come back stronger with increased energy. For Pierre, working with other artists is a novelty. So far he has produced and directed his films on his own. This time he wants a collaboration, an experience where everyone is growing thanks to the support of the other. He wants to put forward an energy that he shares and to make visible something that is at play in dance and that joins what he seeks through cinema.

It has been a while now that the first impulses towards this film emerged. I've known Dereck and Victor for years and collaborated with the former one in previous films. 

When I was filming Narcisse, I was captivated by his ability to connect with nature and by the strength of the cinematographic material he produced. At that time we had promised each other to work together on these subjects and develop them.

When he showed me the first videos of his work on ‘Mermaids’, I immediately thought that the framework of Patagonia could magnify what is at play in this duet of dancers. That's how the project was born.

The choreographic movement of Dereck moves the boundaries of the human figure as we have been used to seeing it since modernity. There is a life in us whose consciousness of an internal pulsation reminds us of existence. The dance hike becomes shamanic experience by the breath of the trees. The bodies are summoned to turn into vegetal animal figures. He becomes the water, the air, the earth.

Victor and Dereck are like twins. On one hand there is the feeling of double, on the other hand there are radical differences: their story and what drives them to dance. What I want to tell is the story of these bodies revealed by the interaction with nature. What unites, disunites, how far am I willing to follow the other in its pulsation? What do I feel of the world that remains incommunicable to my double. Am I ready to follow him if he dives in cold water?

How to make that happen?

Considering the scale of the project, we need additional support from our own resources. Thanks to this we can have a first result that will allow us to look for more support. We have to follow a strict protocol in respect of right and security and a professional approach to allow a good realization of the project. We will undertake a first trip in late December/early January 2019. This period was chosen to allow the entire team to be present and to benefit from adequate weather conditions for this first shoot.

All the material part (camera, tripod, optics) will be lend by Pierre, as well as the montage tools used for his last film, which reduces the costs.


SONG SOTTO VOCE , 10', 2017 by Pierre Bessette


Why does our project deserve your support?

With the first move of this film we will be able to enriched the following steps of our project:

Alongside the film, a full choreographic piece "Mermaids" will be finalized during a residency of 4 weeks in May, followed by a first presentation in June 2019. Finally, a video-art-dance installation is planned for 2020, where dance and cinema will come together in public spaces. A trip tich of screen will be inviting the nature of Patagonia in urban spaces, while the dancers interact with the projection and the audience, with a desire to convey their experience of Patagonia in this common space.


Where does the money goes?

We will use the money for the transport of the dancers and the crew to the two different spots of shooting in Patagonia, Chile.
Providing everyone with proper food and accomodation for the period of the shooting. A part of the money will go for security, guides for some places and recording rights when necessary.

Below the amount of 9 000 €, the money will not be released and you will be refunded.

With 9 000 €, we will have the opportunity to go to Patagonia with the entire team, to shoot the film and edit it in a minimal way.

It is quite possible to exceed this amount, which would allow us to edit better and be able to add extra value to the film by sound compositions and specific costumes.

We hope that our enthusiasm will be communicative and that our desire to create will be shared by everybody.



Quote die de filmmaker inspireerde

"Nothing can fix the finite between the two infinites who lock him up and flee him. " Pascal
This project was successfully funded on 03-12-2018

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