Medialism Project: Protect Earth

Medialism Project: Protect Earth
A Documentary by Medialism Team
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About the project
LOCKLINEWe want to show how people are able to create a world where wilderness and society can live peacefully together and both have the benefits out of it.

Medialism project: Protect earth

Goal of the movie

The main goal of our movie is to raise awareness to the importance of saving and protecting endangered and threatened animals and the disappearing wilderness around it. We want to show the importance of protecting the beautiful earth, preserving animals and the wilderness they live in. Also we want to bring to light the important role they play in keeping balance to our ecosystem.

A second goal will be for the movie to be seen by as many people possible. This goal will be reached by broadcasting the movie online, on Facebook, YouTube, (local) broadcasting companies and in a cinema at our premier night in the end of June. We want to raise awareness about the importance of the work people do to make the world a pretty and wild place once more and how we can create a balance in society, animal populations and the wilderness where they live in.


Animals are going extinct and the population of wild animals is getting smaller. But just how bad is it, why should we care and how does it come? Animals have been going extinct for millions of years and yet the earth still exists. But facing animal extinction has effects beyond just the loss of our wildlife, as their disappearance impacts the environment as well. And the other way around, the disappearance of wilderness impacts the living animals.

So what should we save first, animals or environment? And does it make sense that if we save the wilderness and that these animals (carnivores) will come back or should we look to new ways to both protect and preserve the animals and environment in our ever changing world in such a way that will ensure they never again are faced with endangerment.

We started to preserve the world because human beings were the first species who realised that they had to repair what they have destroyed. The needs of society and the needs of nature are very different. Coexistence is a way to find a balance in both of their needs. So besides the question about why we should preserve earth, we are going to find out how nature and society can live together on the planet and both get the positive things out of it.

Since flora and fauna are strongly connected to each other, and can’t exist without each other, we would like have both of the themes in our documentary and the interrelation that both animals and plants have with one another.

The questions we want to answer in this documentary are: “Why do we have to protect earth and how can society and nature live together on the same planet by creating a win- win situation?” And why should we protect the world? (in general, so this means both flora, fauna and the environment.)

What will the end product be?

The final documentary is going to be a movie to raise awareness with people. This awareness is about why it is so important to protect earth and how people can help and to bring to light the ways in which people are helping to protect and save both animals and nature.


Quote that inspired the maker

"It's not whether animals will survive, it's whether man has the will to save them."
Anthony Douglas Williams