Manfred - Pumpkin Bread

Manfred - Pumpkin Bread
An Animation by Gatze Zonneveld
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About the project
LOCKLINEBe immersed in an animal fable about autumn, the importance of sharing and pumpkin bread. Beautiful, handmade VR puppet film.


The monster Manfred is walking through the forest, looking for the ingredients for his pumpkin bread. During his search, he meets the other creatures of the forest, but will they help him on his quest?


My name is Gatze Zonneveld, I'm an animation filmmaker and I have my own boutique animation studio RocknRoll Animation, in Utrecht. Here I work on my own short films and TV-series, but also on commercials, bumpers, leaders and informative animations(explainamations) for a number of clients.

In 2007 I graduated from the HKU, with my exegesis Immersive Animation / Treehuggers, in which I researched, how to optimally immerse a viewer in animated worlds.

Back then of course, there weren't any VR goggles or 360° video, but because of recent technological advances, it's now, better than ever before, possible to transport a viewer to a different world. And that's exactly what I want to do with this film



The film

In this film, you're dropped in the middle of a fairytale forest and the story unfolds all around you. You have interaction with Manfred and you're encouraged to look around and explore the forest, and doing so, helping Manfred on his quest.

The film is primarily meant to be experienced on a tablet or smartphone. You hold the tablet in your hands and are able to turn around freely in order to view the world around you. The tablet is basically your window to the virtual world. And the film will work on pretty much any Android or Apple smartphone/tablet. At a later stage, there will also a version available for VR goggles, like Google Daydream.

The film originated from the idea of a virtual reality puppet theatre, in which the viewer is placed in the centre of this puppet world. I've been interested in VR for a long time and in my other work I always try to immerse the viewer in atmospheric, animated worlds.

I also love children's books like the Gruffalo, Frog & Friends, I want my hat back and Bringing down the moon and puppet shows like Sesame Street and other Jim Henson productions.

With Manfred all these things come together in a totally new and unique experience, in which I combine cutting edge virtual reality technology with traditional, handmade puppets.


Style & Technique

The film is set in the middle of a beautiful, colourful fairytale forest. It's the beginning of autumn, the leaves are red and orange and the warm sun shines through the morning haze, giving everything a soft, orange glow.

The film will be shot with a 360° camera in a miniature set. The characters will be hand puppets, that are able to freely move through the set, all around the viewer. And everything in the film will be made out of felt, wool and other fabrics, giving everything enormous tangibility and handmade charm.

How you can help the film

A film like this obviously take a lot of time and effort to make. Luckily, I'm able to do a lot of it myself, but I also need the help from a lot of other people, like voice-actors, a sound-designer, a composer, the puppeteers of course... In short – I need a whole team of talented specialists, that all need to be compensated.

Recently, the film was selected by De Ontmoeting(the Encounter), an initiative to give new makers the opportunity to develop their ideas, together with experienced production companies. As part of this initiative, my production partner Submarine Channel is investing € 5.000,- in the making of the film. But only under the condition, that we crowdfund at least another € 5.000,- And that's where you come in!


When you donate, you're not only helping us make the movie – you can get loads of other rewards, such as:

  • the film for your smartphone or tablet
  • an original, signed art print
  • an extensive making of video
  • a studio visit
  • a real, screen-used puppet from the film
  • and much more...


Take a look at the column to the right and pick the reward you want.

Are you not able to donate? No problem! Share the project on social media. And be sure to leave your feedback en questions here, because I'm really interested in what you think of the project!

So if you like the project, please support us on Cinecrowd and go on an adventure with Manfred in the fall of 2018.

– Gatze -

Quote that inspired the maker

It's a beautiful morning in Bumblebrook Forest The sun is shining, the leaves are rustling in the trees as the cold autumn wind blows through them and all the forest creatures are busy preparing for winter.
The Narrator, Manfred – Pumpkin Bread