A Short film by Lobke van Eijk & Marit Bijkerk
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LOCKLINEThe psychological distance created by dementia helps the characters to look at the past from a new perspective.

Lucidity is a short film about experiencing meaningful moments with a loved one even though this person doesn’t always recognise you anymore. In the film, this situation leads to finding more depth in a relationship between the characters.

Marit experienced the effects of dementia with both her grandmothers. This has been the main motivation to make this film. 
“Both my grandmothers suffered and still suffer from dementia, it showed me how the disease changes someone. Little by little I lose the grandma that I know, because of dementia. I can't have the same conversations with her as we used to do and sometimes it feels like deeper connections are lost.

The moments that she does remember me or when we can talk about the old days, are therefore extra valuable. Nowadays, I try to find a connection with her in the little things. This way I also discover new sides of our relationship. For example, I realised I can make her really happy by joining her for a walk and look at all the flowers and plants in gardens."

Dementia is part of a lot of people's daily life. There are more than 50 different causes of dementia. This creates a 1 out of 3 chance for women to develop it and 1 out of 7 for men.
The experience of dementia isn't only confusing and confronting for the person itself, but also for their family and friends. Despite the disease, the film shows that it is still possible to experience beautiful and meaningful moments with loved ones. 
Furthermore, we hope that people will be able to relate to the situation of the characters, being familiar with dementia or not, and become more aware of the small moments when you connect with someone else.

With the raised money we will be able to pay for the film and sound equipment and to reach a wider audience by submitting the film to film festivals. This coming October we are hoping to shoot our film amidst the beautiful autumn colours in Engeland. We are working together with two local actors, Carly and Rachel. Go to the Cast & Crew page to read more about the actors and creators.

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Quote that inspired the maker

Look, this tree doesn't have any leaves. Still, it's beautiful.
Marit's Oma/Grandma
This project was successfully funded on 15-10-2020

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