Love from Kenya

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Dear crowdfunders, 

here is an update. I am back in Kenya getting ready for my trip to the desert of Northern Kenya. 

I have traveled back on my own expenses since all have gone into the film. I am staying in Nairobi with my boyfriend who is Kenyan. This brother was my local producer and his uncle Ken was my other local producer.

The family is awesome, Ken was the first one to own a camera in his village in 1992. And he studied in National Film School in Denmark being the only black guy (and from AFRICA) around. 


The film Death Of Darkness is almost finished. I am not going back to shoot materials. I am traveling back to the town to show them my (almost) final cut. Also I will work on the final translations since they speak a local language no Kenyan in Holland speaks but the ambassador of Kenya himself. And he is a busy man. 


I'm really happy with the film. The images we shot are lovely, I have posted some on social media, maybe you have seen. 

 It is about 25 minutes now and I am doing research on China for the second part. 


This weekend I will be heading to the North of Kenya, crossing the equator line. I would love to show you around and I hope I can start a livestream from there now. 

You could say the Darkness is dead in Illaut now that they have a 3G network in the skies. When I was there, looking for a network looked like searching for metal with a detector. The visible darkness is not dead yet, it remains very mysterious. I am also really excited to have Anna by my side. She is the first intern I am having in my career and hasn't been to Africa herself.


My boyfriend is running African Slumb Journal. It is the first African media company which is focused on selling stories abroad. Most African stories we consume, I have learned, are made by NGO's, westerners or in assignment of people with a non African perspective. Even most of documentaries I have seen are not fully authentic. Check out and follow his page for honest African independent stories.  


If you are interested in visiting that place. I can connect you with locals, soon there will be a highway to drop you where I have been struggling with expensive transportation to reach.  


I will keep you updated on info about the premiere. I would love to celebrate the release and will find a good post-lockdown moment for this. 

Stay in tune for my livestream this week. Follow @jasmijnschrofer on instagram and the Death of Darkness page on facebook.





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