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LOCKLINEThis summer, six guys will team up to climb the 7134 meter high Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan, to show the beautiful side of mountaineering.

Last summer I got a phone call. It was Roeland. If I wanted to join his expedition to Kyrgyzstan, to make a documentary about mountaineering. He was a bit fed up by the negative image mountaineering gets, even though so many people enjoy it. Of course I said yes immediately!

Roeland van Oss is one of the few Dutch Mountain Guides. His job is about taking people through the mountains, and making them enjoy every moment of it. And that is exactly the story we want to tell with this documentary. Mountaineering is not about reaching the summit beyond all sense, or leaving everything behind to "live on the edge". It is about enjoying the mountains, the view and the company of your fellow mountaineers.

Our story is about climbing the 7134 meter high Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan. It's a high mountain, but not a particularly scary or dangerous one. We want to climb this mountain as a team, and come back home safely with a heart full of adventure and a mind full of fond memories.

We will climb this mountain with the six of us, we don't know each other very well yet, but are all friends with Roeland, our devoted mountain guide. With a lot of enthusiasm and motivation we hope we will reach the top, let the people at home enjoy our adventure and motivate you to go out as well!

For this adventure we will have a magnificent adventure at high altitude. We want to take people along for the ride with the help of landscape- and action images. For that we need proper equipment, at this altitude we need gear that can take a hit and stand the cold. And we want to make a nice story of our adventure of course. All of your support will go to financing the equipment needed and the additional costs to editing and distributing this documentary.

We would like the support of people who recognize our story. Who understand we are not entirely crazy to go up high. People who want to tag along in our adventure. We want to show that there is a beautiful side to mountaineering that everyone should have seen! 


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We show people that mountaineering is about passion and love for the mountains, and not about taking high risks. To show that we can only reach a top, and experience this adventure as a team, doing it together.
Roeland van Oss - Dutch Mountain Guide
This project was successfully funded on 10-06-2017

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