Le pantere della polizia Italiana

Le pantere della polizia Italiana
A Short film by Mirko Cocco
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LOCKLINEIt is a hidden treasure for car lovers, Il Museo delle Auto della Polizia di Stato. About time to unleash these panthers in ancient Rome.

Le pantere della polizia Italiana

The Museo delle Auto della Polizia di Stato in Rome is a well hidden treasure for car lovers. It’s located in the EUR area, far from the ancient and famous centre of the Italian capital and is there to linger between police cars from a realm far flung in memory and lore. Naturally, there are Fiats and Alfa Romeo’s galore, but also the odd American Jeep and even a Ferrari from the legendary 250 GT series.


Every car has its own fascinating story, stories that are dying to be caught on film. Passion in motion if you will. To Italians, the police car has its own cult, driven by national pride and their love for anything with four wheels and a combustion engine. The centre pieces are waiting to be set free in EUR once more and show their capabilities in one of the coolest neighbourhoods of la Città Eterna. This hidden treasure consist of no less than sixty vehicles, cars as well as motor bikes and has existed relatively unnoticed by the general audience and has never been captured on film.

CineCars is an innovative online community in the classic car world

CineCars features automotive crafts, brands and their evolution, passion for technique and aesthetics. It’s all about invention and the people behind the car and mobility in the 20th century. Passion is the main value here, whether it’s a Trabant or a Ferrari; CineCars is driven by its love for film, photography and the written word. 

The automotive heritage isn’t confined to boundaries and after producing more than fifty movies in and around the Netherlands, the moment has come to spread our wings to interesting stories across the border -starting with Italy- the cradle of some of the most legendary makes in history of the automobile.

The Sardinian-born founder and cinematographer of CineCars, Mirko Cocco, spend the majority of his childhood in the -once capital of the world- Rome, whereas Angelo van Schaik is a journalist and correspondent in Rome for the Dutch national broadcasters, among others.

Together they came up with the idea for the movie Le pantere della polizia Italiana! With the aid of the Dutch Cultural attaché, contact with the State Museum was quickly and easily established and our plans were warmly received. All the beauty, passion and history shouldn’t be locked away in this gem of a museum as it is today. The CineCars team is ready and more than willing to embark on an automotive Grand tour to Rome and realise some unique footage of a hidden gem.



Quote that inspired the maker

The collection is unique and one of a kind, the caretakers treat their heritage with love and reverence. The past is being guarded and coveted, but before all else needs to keep rollin’. The time has come for a movie, showing passion in motion.
Mirko Cocco