Last event - Short Film Screening

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Hey there,


Thank you for your support and donations to me and my film The Coming of Cindy Claus. It has been an intense and rewarding ride so far, but we’re not done yet! Please keep it coming, tell your friends, and donate:


In the last period of the crowd funding, I have a special event that you are welcome to join.


Experimental Short Films + Hangout


A screening of short films organised by the maker of the short art film The Coming of Cindy Claus, now in pre-production. The short films we will see will be related in theme or style to that film.

Keywords include: Art-Funky-Queer-Alternative- Out there-Conspiracy-Comedy-Spoof- Strange-Extravagant-Low budget-Colorful-Wild stories

There will be a brief introduction and the teaser of The Coming of Cindy Claus will be shown.

Afterwards we can discuss the wild things we've seen and get to know each other.

A dress-code is encouraged: Dress like an alter ego you would like to be or dress entirely in a color that suits your mood these days. There will be an award for most confusing outfit/ character.



Friday February 9th


19:30 Doors

20:00 Films

21:30 Hang-Out

Feel free to bring snacks

Location is in Amsterdam.



If you haven’t been, take your time to find it. You can reach me at 0638028441

Don't e-mail the supporters: