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Label Me
A Feature film by Anil Wagemans & A-More Productions
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LOCKLINEA fashion icon gets compromised, and people make up their own story: A trendy action comedy about labeling. But nothing is what it seems like...


Our film is an action-comedy about the ‘obsession’ with oneself. The film follows three separate storylines about people who will go to any lengths to get what they want: fame and recognition. But “nothing is what it seems”.

Inspired by the selfie generation, we aim to hold a mirror in front of our audience and poke fun at how seriously we tend to take ourselves and our image by focusing on a group of people who are obsessed with exactly that.

The first storyline focuses on Louis, a parking enforcer who believes his rise to the top is just around the corner, and models his behavior on that of his favorite action heroes.

The second revolves around Natasja, a broke partier who spends her nights sneaking into expensive clubs, all to keep up appearances on her YouTube channel.

The third tells us about Raoul, a lover of fantasy and LARPing who can't stand the fact that his friends don't look up to him. Considering himself the hero of his untold tale, he is committed to making a mark, no matter the costs.

Their similar obsessions slowly but surely lead them towards one central character: Jaghi Thé Joeng. A notorious fashion icon, recently fallen into disrepute when believed to be the main figure in an international drug ring. As Jaghi's position comes under fire, each of our characters sees an opportunity that might be the key to their success. Or so they desperately want to believe.


The project itself is wildly ambitious. Being true to our filmconcept and its characters, we unconditionally called ourselves feature filmmakers and went ahead with little to no budget, but with a dedicated professional core team and a script we all strongly believed in.

Over 16 months later we are looking forward to finish the picture before this coming summer.

Everything is set and ready to go, except, of course, for one thing: money. We've made it this far, but really need your support to cross the finish line. Helping us to reach our goal will ensure that all material will have serious breathing room in the post production process.


Almost all funding will go directly to the film itself. Most of us work on this project simply because we really want to see it get made.

We've managed to avoid a lot of other costs by partnering with local businesses and other institutions and are basically making an over €100.000 film for a fraction of its price.

But that still leaves this fraction to be paid in order to pour it all into making the film as great as it can be. 

We film this motion picture by own initiative and would be very grateful to finalize this project with theatrical bliss!


Apart from being inspired by the modern selfie culture described earlier, there's a number of films, series and people that we hold in high regard. From Mean Girls to Macbeth and Bill Murray to Andy Warhol. We tried to embrace all of these influences and hope to have created a pop culture pastiche which will resonate in years to come.

The main theme that resonates is playing with expectations. We were inspired by film conventions but made sure to take our characters against the grain to keep the audience guessing, and try making them aware of their own assumptions as the story unfolds.

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Quote that inspired the maker

Imago is power. It's everything. So everyone wants it. And that's good for me. Exclusive possession is valuable.
Jaghi Thé Joeng, filmpersonage
This project was closed on 06-05-2016

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