Jour des Crêpes

Jour des Crêpes
A Short film by Alex Verhaest
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINEJour des Crêpes is about the nervous Flemish mothers of the nineties. 

The story

Maria was forty in 1995 when in Belgium, in the midst of the Dutroux crisis, the White March forced the primacy of churchly influence to sing its swan song. Last born into a poor and pious family, she succeeded in a tour-de-force which would take her seven sisters two generations; she had definitively distinguished herself from her inherited role as the housewife under the crucifix. The house help of the family, Benedicte, provides Maria’s daughter Madeleine with a cleanly and steady rhythm in step with the desecrated church bells. A rhythm completely lacking in her own family, to her own son Dominik. 

Benedicte, however turns out to be less than an equal but much more than a servant. 

'Jour des Crêpes' is about the relationship between these two women. They symbolise the generation of the nervous Flemish mothers of the nineties. 


Why this story?

For 'Jour des Crêpes' we have casted some top actresses, three fantastic women who have all contributed to a scenario with a topic that is close to our hearts: how does the role of "mother" fit within our own lives?

The crew also consists of people who have proven their talent in the business. Everyone works with passion and dedication to this project. And everyone has invested in this short film. So with 'Jour des Crêpes' we do the impossible: we make a professional film with a student budget.

A final financial support would help us finish this movie without too many obstacles.


Quote that inspired the maker

In the world of god, man makes too much of himself. In the world of people, they often make too little of themselves.