It's a wrap!

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After months of prep, crowdfunding and two days of shooting in snowy New York, we can finally say: it’s a wrap!! Our amazing cast and crew went above and beyond to make ‘Swipe’ a very special project. We’re proud of the results and can’t wait till we start the edit! ✂️ A big thanks to our very talented partners in crime! And of course to you - our amazing supporters - who made everything possible. 

Thank you!

Niels & Steffie

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Wow!! I am so happy to hear that the shooting was going to end in just rijksmuseum private tours one or two days. With the help of the amazing cast and crew, they made this project an end. Now its time of editing and people are eagerly waiting to watch this.

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Looks like the shooting was real fun and it’s going to be completed soon. online song recording studio   Great dedication has been shown by all the cast and crew for completing the project so fast. Wishing you all the very best for this project.    

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Nice love it... Great dedication has been shown by all the cast and crew for completing the project so fast. Wishing you all the very best for this project.    Nachi Nachi Lyrics

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what is process of edit..i am waiting


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