A Short film by Romar en Matthieu
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Project Information

About the project
LOCKLINEA romantic artist duo with a strong fascination for emptiness and absence books all tickets on a commercial flight for their latest work.

A Price

In july 2020 we, Romar de Bonte and Matthieu Reijnoudt, won 'de Gelderland Film Pitch' from Go Short and Omroep Gelderland. We received a starting budget for our short film 'I'll Fly With You.'

The Film


In the film, two artists book all seats on a commercial flight. Now the plane is bound to leave without passengers. The duo organises an event in an idylic meadow, where they make an setup of beach chairs, just like the seats in the airplane would be set up. By using air traffic information they plan the event so that it will take place right under the flightpath of the empty airplane. Together with a select group of people they watch in a state of delight how the empty plane flies right over them.

The Artwork

The idea of an artwork that makes an empty plane fly over a group of absent people initially wasn't an idea for a film. Among others, the unfeasability of the plan brought us to the idea to turn the artwork into a film. It enables us to be an ideal version of ourselves as artists, in a fictional and ideal setting that is fairly close to reality. We have a shared need to make everything a little easier and softer, and that's something that also reflects in this project. We like to take people in a very calm and pleasant way to welcome a certain uselessness and absurdity.

The Money

We already received a starting budget of 6500 euros from Go Short and Omroep Gelderland to make our film. Through this crowdfunding campagne we'd like to raise another 3500 euros to realise our project. Every contribution counts, and we are grateful for every support. To express that gratitude, we have rewards for every donor, large and small.

Quote that inspired the maker

"The earth is round, but everything on it is flat."
Gigi D' Agostino