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LOCKLINEThe film is about a young man who is insecure in life and tries to rediscover himself. However, the road he must take to get there, still remains long

The film is about a young man who is insecure in life and tries to rediscover himself. However, the road he must defy to get there, still remains long. He reaches out to horses who reflect his inner emotions as he tries to find his strength again. Will he succeed? Jochem used to be an ordinary boy. But while his physical wounds slowly heal, his fear to confront the outside world grows.  His habitat decreases immensely while his livingroom couch becomes a safe ship surrounded by the ferocious ocean. Every confrontation with the outside frightens him, passing people on the street, his neighbours. He even refuses his mom to enter his room. She tries to help him in many ways but it is impossible to get through to Jochem. He struggles with his thoughts and is not healing from the violence that is done to him. Jochem does realize it is impossible to go on like this. He longs to his old life and tries to open himself up but he is not able to do it on his own. Because his fear is deeply rooted in the inability to trust people he takes the advice of his mom to go on equine therapy. On a ranch in Spain, with the help of horses, animals and the vast nature, Jochem gets an opportunity to rediscover himself. To find a strength inside of him in order to face his own world again, Amsterdam.

The appendix of the director: Reber Dosky

We people often assume we’ve already discovered everything about our lifes, but I truly believe that there is always more. With the movie Horsepower I would like to illustrate the way in which humans and nature are intertwined. People and animals share a long history. 3500 years ago humans learned to cultivated the horse as a mean for transport, heavy labour and later for sports as well. Nowadays horses got a new role, as therapists. They are very sensitive animals, they notice when someone is feeling insecure or confident and calm.

My fascination for animals is big. But I think horses are the most special. When I was a little boy, my dad kept two horses. I was quite a busy kid but around the horses always came to rest. Years later after watching the documentary “Man and Horse,” of Marjoleine Boonstra, I learned why horses affected me like that.

After my study ‘directing documentary’ at the Film Academy, I really wanted to produce a fiction-film with horse therapy in it. This took shape a few months ago, when a unfortunate boy from Eindhoven totally got beaten up for no reason. Those television images may have reached your living room as well. The first question I asked myself was: “what happened with the victim after this incident?” This was the start for the film.

Our actor Jochem, becomes a victim of abuse in the centre of Amsterdam. After this incident he falls into a social isolation and looses touch with himself and with the people around him, resulting in paranoia. Eventually he has no other choice than to go into therapy. It is a special therapy with horses that takes place in Spain. With the help of horses, people with psychiatric issues learn how to reconnect themselves with themselves and thus with others.

Remarkable about this film is the fact that we work with professionals from the discipline. The therapists and the psychologists play themselves.

Quote that inspired the maker

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears’
Nelson Mandela