Het nachtelijk halfrond

Without Sun
A Documentary by Paul de Ruijter
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About the project
LOCKLINEWhat happens with the inhabitants of the northern parts of the hemisphere when they have to live for two months without the sun?

About the film
‘Without Sun’ is a graduation film of the Netherlands Filmacademy in cooperation with EO-IKONdocs.

In the north of Norway, between November and January, the sun doesn't come above the horizon. During the biggest part of the day it’s completely dark, as for a couple of hours it’s twilight. An area of unspoiled nature, marked by a raw, rocky moonscape and deep blue fjords. Nevertheless, there are people who live in this unspoiled nature. With ‘Without Sun’ we tell the poetic story of these people; on how their inner state of mind is related to this nature.

The film is like a painting, a collage of moments that represent the overall feeling of ‘Without Sun’. These moments capture the waiting, the thinking, and the sleeping. We see the longing and melancholia. Each one of the characters has a longing, which won’t be answered and seems unattainable.

Vision of the director
By: Paul de Ruijter

This film slowly started to grow during my trips to Norway. When I left, I had a fascination for the first sunlight that comes back after being gone for three months, but in time the darkness became more and more interesting. My eyes lend to the longing of the sun, in a period of time in which the sun doesn’t come up. I talked to inhabitants about the longing for light and the desires in their lives. Eventually I followed my intuition in the search for the melancholia of the place. This all had to do with how I felt lately, and that what came across is a realization of my state of mind.

It is now that I realize how big the impact is of this area and the circumstances of nature to me. It seems like the darkness caused a more intense experience of my emotions and feelings of homesickness, loneliness and isolation. It’s like a light in the distance of which you don’t know what it is and it’s not coming any closer. I got into conversation with people on the streets that strengthened my feelings. Sometimes I felt like life has been ripped out of this place, especially comparing to summer, when I visited this place for the first time.

How are we going to make this film? 
Without Sun is our graduation film: the last and most important film we will make on the Netherlands Film Academy. We shot the film in 6 weeks in the north of Norway, where we stayed in multiple accommodations to work, sleep and eat.

Everyone works voluntarily on this project; even professionals from the industry. Your financial support will be used for material things that are not sponsored, such as cameras, fuel, cars, food and drinks, but also grading and submission for international film festivals.

Support us! 
We are very happy with all donations! In return for your support we give out various thank you, such as a DVD and poster of the film or even tickets for the exclusive premiere on the 24th of June 2016.

Please help us to realize our dream film! 

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Quote that inspired the maker

The light, isn't that the most gifted love for each being with reason?
Novalis, Hymne aan de nacht