Finding Farideh

Finding Farideh
A Documentary by Kourosh Ataee & Azadeh Moussavi
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LOCKLINE"Farideh" a girl who has been adopted from Iran by a Dutch couple, travels to her motherland for the first time, to find her biological parents.

Director's Note: The Start
The headline of newspaper was brief, clear and naturally curious: "A Dutch girl is looking for her real family in Iran”. We read the text to the end. It was not the first time we heard a foster child is looking for her biological parents; but there was something in the life story of this girl that had caused this short news of newspaper remained in our mind for a few days later. While we spoke and thought more and more about it, we become more interested in it. We found her blog and were reading her daily notes. Pleasant and emotional posts, nevertheless full of pain and anxiety. There were many questions in the heart of her notes: Who are my real parents? Those who were born or who raised me? Where is my homeland? Where I live or where I was born? Who do I look like in this world? Where I belong to? And so on. Questions that a strong fundamental problem was hidden in the heart of them: Identity crisis.
We decided to call her and our virtual meetings started through Skype. We spoke for hours and she said about the motivations and desires for her search. That She is looking for herself in this way and feels that her character is not complete without doing that. She said about the cooled relationship with her adoptive parents and her enthusiasm to see her native country, Iran.

Whatever we knew more about her; we found more unique feature of this story and we thought it is interesting enough to make a documentary film about...

“Finding Farideh” is a  feature-length documentary about a girl named Farideh, who is near 40 and lives in Amsterdam now. She was adopted from Iran by a Dutch couple when she was 16 months old. Despite of her Dutch parents unwillingness, it’s a while that she started a search for finding her biological parents and she wants to travel to her motherland Iran, for the first time…



Story Background:
On June 1976, a baby daughter was found in one of Imam Reza Shrine’s courtyards (A mausoleum where Imam Reza, a descendant of Prophet Mohammad, is buried. Located in Mashhad, north east of Iran) by a guard. Since no one asked for the missing child within hours, the guard carried the baby into Mashhad’s Nursery. There, in nursery, the baby was named ‘Farideh’. Then after 10 months she was transmitted to Tehran International Nursery.
Few days after settlement in Tehran’s Nursery, Mr. and Mrs. Koning, a Dutch couple, travelled to Iran in order to adopt a child. They went to Tehran’s Nursery and they adopted Farideh and took her to Netherland and named her Eline. Thus the sixteen months old Farideh, started her new life with a new family, in a new country.

                              Farideh and her Dutch mother in Tehran’s Nursery- 1977

                         Farideh and her Dutch mother in Tehran’s Nursery- 1977

Unbelievably Mrs. Koning found out she was surprisingly pregnant after her visit in Iran and 6 months later Farideh became a sister as her Dutch baby brother was born.


                                           Farideh and her brother. Raoul.

When she was at her five, her mom told her the truth that she was not their real child and she was adopted from one of Iran’s nursery.
The time passed on, she got older and went to school and gradually she discovered the appearance differences with other children around her and felt being stranger among them, so she became interested in her real identity.
Farideh is near 40now, and it’s been a while that she has started searching to find her real parents. She continuously writes about the searching process on her blog
Four essays were published about her in Khorasan local newspaper which now it is resulted in finding a man named Ali Akbar who might be the real father of Farideh.
And now, Farideh wants to travel to her motherland Iran, for the first time and do a DNA test with Ali Akbar…


                                                             Ali Akbar


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Quote that inspired the maker

If I look in the mirror I want to know who’s features I have got, who’s eyes I have, I want to know who I am in a way. I feel incomplete without knowing or at least without trying to find out...
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