Film Update #1

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Hi everyone, 

We're sorry for the delay in giving you an update. We were facing some difficulties with the schedule and casting and we wanted to resolve these issues before reaching out to you.

Unfortunately we had to replace Mercedes Cabral as the lead actress. This was for me a very hard pill to swallow as we had been in touch for over a year and had already started working on the character. We tried to make it work as much as we could and to accommodate Mercedes' schedule, but in the end it didn't seem possible to work together anymore in the way that I envisioned. I understand if you are disappointed about this news, because I am as well, but unfortunately these things are common in the film industry especially when you are working with a film star who has a very busy schedule. If you want more of an explanation of how we came to this decision, feel free to reach out to me or Ibo at any time ( / 

Because we needed to figure out the situation regarding the casting, we had to reschedule the shoot to a later date, because NYU's film equipment is only available for alumni in a certain period. Fortunately, we still can take advantage of their free equipment, so we are very happy about that. We are now going to shoot the film in June 2019. 

I am very excited to announce the actors we are going to work with in the film:

Kathy Hyunh-Phan ( will play the lead role of Amihan. Kathy is a Canadian actress with Vietnamese roots living in New York. She has been working here in short film, stage, and commercial. Casting Kathy means that we will have to tweak the character's background a little bit, so that it fits Kathy's background.  

Ryan Jonze (  will play the role of Paul. Ryan is a former U.S. paratrooper and has had roles on Jessica Jones, The Blacklist, Law & Order: SVU.  For those of you that are interested, here is his reel:

I'm very excited to work with Kathy and Ryan and I believe that they will add a lot to the characters. The great thing about our later production date is that now we have the time to do more extensive rehearsal and improvisation so that we can delve deeper into the characters. 

So these were the big things we were facing up to now. Almost everything else is ready to go. Our American co-producer Mehmet Gungoren and line producer Kenan Baysal have really helped us in getting everything we need here in the States. We will introduce you to them in a later update. We have great locations in New Jersey that really fit the world and the style that I'm going for...think lots of wood panelling and a little dated (like an American style Aki Kaurismaki film or The Deerhunter). 

In any case, we thank you again for your support and you can expect more updates from us as June approaches! 

Abigail (& Ibo)

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