Father and Son

Father and Son
A Short film by Jimmy Tai
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LOCKLINEWhen a mother passes a father and son need to find a new way to communicate and understand each other.


This is an autobiographical story about me and my father. When my mother passed my father and I were left to live alone with each other. It was a difficult time for us as we sought for a new way to communicate with each other. My father wasn't very talkative and he also only spoke our Hakka Chinese family language. My father has passed as well now and this is my way to remember and honor my parents.

Father and Son is a personal account of a time in a relationship when things weren't so clear, when memories were mixed up with emotions, when one bond was lost and another was gained. This 6-minute short fiction film, set in the house of a chinese-dutch family, skips through incidents that took place over the course of a few months and brings to light the themes of love, family and loss. 



The film starts with the son, Chung rushing home in a hurry, looking quite distraught to see his father sitting silently in the living room, with a blank expression as he usually does. Chung then runs to his room, something is visibly upsetting him, he shuts his father out, and slowly brings out a gold ring from his pocket. This event and this ring triggers a flood of memories that come back to Chung, memories and thoughts about his mother and father. When father and son sit down to cook together, they try and re-build their connection once again. 

Chinese food is also major character is the film, in addition to Chung and the father. It signifies a bond between the family, which the mother instills, and which helps keep the father and son together, even after the mother is gone. It also acts as a catalyst in some scenes.



Language is an important part in this film. The father and son are of a Hakka Chinese family and they speak this language as well in the film. There have not been a lot of films in the Hakka Chinese language. As the language is spoken less and less this is my effort to preserve a little. For me this is an important reason to make this film.

Foremost this is about family and about remembering and cherising your loved ones. As I am a father now and look up to my relationship with my father. I hope I can make something special for my son later as he will look up to me.



My project is part of CinemAsia FilmLAB 2018. Six short films will be shot during this year and will premiere at the CinemAsia Film Festival in March 2018. This year the theme of the films is 'lost in translation'.


If you like my story and like to see this short film made, please support our project. 



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