English Breakfast

English Breakfast
A Short film by Zoë Kiani
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LOCKLINEA film about the price of freedom and coming home to strangers in a overwhelmingly new world.


I haven't realized for a long time that I have the best of both worlds. The Middle East and the West, the free and the hospitable, the clarity and the chaos, individualism and the coherence. My mother is Dutch and my father is Iranian so I have always had the privilege to have a greater perspective on the world and its cultures. For that reason, the wonderful contrast in life has always fascinated me. The contrast between a culture, between two personalities, between two lifestyles. I see it all around me.

Based on this inspiration and way of looking, I also came across this story and I tell Majid his story with love. I can't wait to introduce you to my perspective and love of contrast in this beautiful life.


English breakfast is a short fiction film based on a true story. It is about an Iranian boy, Majid Isfahani, who lives in a country and family where they try with all their might to fight the freedom that he is craving. Forced by this situation, Majid decides to opt for his freedom, leaving behind everything he knows. English breakfast depicts the first 3 days of arrival in London, which Majid experienced at his hotel. The fear and the curiosity, the contrast and the similarities, the freedom and the lack. The story is recognizable for many in this world, for the one as a refugee from a war and for the other a move as a child with parents. The feeling of lack, confrontation with the new and being outside your comfort zone is something that people know well enough.

The film is intended as both a hold, a mirror and a bittersweet insight into humanity for the viewer. It is a cross between facts and fantasy, which means that both the content and the aesthetics are important and will impress. Everyone is ultimately looking for freedom, love and success: Where will Majid find this?



The underlying message of the film is this: The fact that you can show the contrasts between different cultures but also the contrasts in 1 culture (look at the differences between the Persian culture and the regime). In the end it all comes down to that we are all just people with certain habits and beliefs about life. And if we are willing to give space to that of another, the world would be a lot nicer.

Why you should support this film is because of this message. There are so many people in this world, especially right now, who experience these things daily. This has become a world where the word "immigrant" is on the news every day, but we are still people who simply do not understand each other. People are afraid of the unknown, and with this film I want to show that the unknown is not that scary at all. That the unknown can often offer you nice opportunities and friendships.

My grandfather always said that for every new language you learn, you got a new world. This is a motto that I will always live by. A language is part of a culture, just like food, behavior and habits. All you have to do is listen and watch, and I can offer you a new world with this film.


Quote that inspired the maker

Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.
Jonathan Safran Foer