Down to Earth

Down to Earth
Een Korte film van Stella Kramer Horta
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LOCKLINEA warm, daunting and humorous indie short film.

Down to EartH

Is a short film about Benjamin an elderly man that lives in a rural area. For two months this character faces life together with a younger version of himself "Ben" that pays him a visit in his small country home. During his stay, he is working in a factory to earn money in order to travel. Facing life together, Ben helps Benjamin reconnect with his creative side while Benjamin shows him the discipline and structure to be able to fulfill his goals. Two generations completing each other's missing pieces. 

directors statement

Down to Earth addresses the origins of personal identity. In doing so, it reveals the contortions as it evolves and shapes itself. I want people to reflect on the fact that if Benjamin, our main character, had been born 50 years later, how his social and historical reality would have shaped his personality by confronting him with "Ben" a younger version of himself, born in a different time and place. 
We accompany the relationship between these two and assume they have a grandfather-grandson relationship until almost the very end where the story unfolds. It is a story about sharing and rediscovering oneself while reflecting about social influence and Identity, perhaps the most elusive of human concepts.


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It's a great method to help to get our catering, actors transportation, accommodations, props and film festival submission fees covered.


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Oh! And you will see a cool rabbit too...
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