De nieuwe Limburger

de nieuwe limburger
A Documentary by Kim de Bis
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LOCKLINEA fascinating story about the new Limburger from Syria. She has left behind everything for a new existence.


The film 'The new Limburger' has been chosen as one of the three short films as a Cinetalent project. This project is in collaboration with CineSud and Regional Broadcasting L1.




"The new Limburger" is a CineSud Talent project.
It's a short documentary about Ola, a Syrian ex-war refugee. We follow her in her integration process, on the way to a new existence in Venlo. In this process we see the pursuit of her goals, the pursuit of her dreams and the struggle against homesickness.



The short documentary shows a piece of life from Ola Kayali. It is an intriguing story between sadness versus joy in her integration process. Ola would like to go up in the Venlo community. Her active attitude and positive view on life help her, and give her beautiful moments and possibilities.

Immigration comes in my opinion from two sides. Therefore, the people who support her may be most important for the construction of her new life in Venlo.

Her life at this moment has also less nice sides, such as the homesickness, the feeling that people not accept her, difficulty with language and cultural differences. Integrating also means that she has to give her past a place.
Despite her active attitude, it does not means, it's always easy...


Before I started my research, I was not in contact with any refugees. I also didn't think about this topic. The reason I wanted to do something with this subject is because it made me think and it brought me a lot of questions.

In my research, I met Ola. She has a lot behind her, but still she thinks positive.

I realized that this is a very sensitive subject and at the same time it was very confrontational for me. Before my reseach I didn't think about this topic because that's always easy. But now the emotional situation came close.




I would like to convey this feeling of emotional feeling and confrontation to the viewer. To come close to the ex-war refugee Ola for a moment.
A real story, of a real person. A person just like you and me, but then with a very different past.



Quote that inspired the maker

The world is not divided between East and West. We don’t know each other, but we talk together and we understand each other perfectly.
Marjane Satrapi
This project was closed on 01-07-2017

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