De Cirkel

Full Circle
A Feature film by Arno Dierickx
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LOCKLINEFull Circle consists of a chain of 7 stories about power and its abuse. They all play in different layers of the so called 'neat' Dutch society.


The feature film Full Circle consists of a series of seven separate stories that lead across several layers of Dutch society where power and its abuse play a surprizing role. Repeatedly a character from the last story takes us along to the next and every story creates a victim, who in turn becomes a persecutor. The film leads across a variety of contemporary Dutch areas in which power and its abuse play a surprising role.

Writer/director Arno Dierickx is intrigued by the different roles people play; people mistreat, punish, humiliate and destroy often simply because they have the opportunity to do so. Full Circle is a film about a recognizable side of humanity and contemporary Dutch society. The film leads to the last story wherin abuse of power for the first time seems to by justified. Exactly in that story the main character has the strength to resist the tempation to use his power. A hopefull ending with duality.

From out of the treatment we are now working on the script. With your support we want to investigate the script and develop the vision on the film further. In cooperation with actors, d.o.p., production designer, location scout etc. we want to create the blueprint of the production. How are we precisely going to make the film? And with this information we will rewrite the script. In this project development phase we create 'the heart' of the film. An essential process which you, as a supporter of the project, can follow. The endresult will not (yet) be the film or the premiere, but a presentation on how we are going to make the film (such as moodboards, scenes tested with actors, vision on style, locations, casting).

Quote that inspired the maker

In this film, every character transforms from victim into perpetrator. The abuse of power does not arise from specific goals, but simply because the opportunity presents itself.
Full Circle
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