Corona Lockdown Wildernis

Corona Lockdown Wildernis
A Short film by Sanne Vermaas
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About the project
LOCKLINEShort documentary about critters living in your kitchen and garden in Corona times; nature keeps on going while humans deal with a virus.

Corona Lockdown Wildlife

Your donation still contributes to a better film!

Donate so the film will be on it's best in the cinema and an English version can be made.

Why this short film...

Nature has a way of not caring about the human species, also in Corona times. 

When the Covid-19 crisis started and we had to stay at home, filmmaker Sanne Vermaas started filming small critters in her house and small city garden.

The life of these animals went on as normal. Spring began, flowers started to bloom, spiders build their webs, ants made their way and bumblebees buzzed around the lavender. The life of lice, spiders, ladybugs, bees and other critters was recorded over three months. This film shows the strong contrast with the world of people fighting a virus and this biotope.

Sounds are telling the story from the human world while the critters live their lives. From news broadcasts the viewer finds that humans, after a freeze, looks for ways to live on and eventually the Corona measures are smoothed.

Why this crowdfunding?

At the moment, the recordings are finished and the film is being edited. Together with a voice over of news items in audio clips, the zeitgeist of the past few months is made clear.

As part of the post production, color and audio editing is required and the voice over must be recorded.

After this period where the work for many film professionals is practically stagnant, they should not have to commit themselves to this film project without compensation. This crowdfunding kicked off to get this compensation together.

Support this project and you may see the film in the autumn at the WildLife Film Festival in Rotterdam!

With a donation of € 250 or more you will receive an original drawing by Krijnsdottir. Krijnsdottir draws insects with her own invented structures based on how the critters look up close in real. A drawing is in A4 format.

On request, an insect of your choice will be specially drawn for you.

Below 2 examples of drawings:

Quote that inspired the maker

'Quiet Coronatimes have a good influence on flowers and insects'
BNR, 9 april 2020