The Coming of Cindy Claus

The Coming of Cindy Claus
An Experimental film by Reinilde Jonkhout
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About the project
LOCKLINECindy, long-lost lesbian twin-sister of Sinterklaas, makes a comeback from space and puts Sinterklaas through a tad unorthodox learning process.


Coming from a small island in the Carribean, when I first moved to Amsterdam, I expected people rollerblading in underwear in the snow, citizens to look like the extravagant people in the street fashion columns I read, everybody being into threesomes, the 300 cultures of the world colorfully represented everywhere and a walhalla of gay acceptance. 

While reality was something of a let-down from this dream-vision, many years later now I think it's important to give heart to the people who's sheen is being obscured in the current regressive limitations of normality politics. To the brave people who are being ridiculed or attacked for wearing heels, showing affection in public, it's important to show support. Perhaps if you personally fit well into all 'normal' dimensions, it's harder to notice people's free spirits being crushed, but it is important to show love to the people that don't feel comfortable in those limiting dimensions. I, and I think many with me, think this Amsterdam is becoming grey enough as it is, and want the joys that come with the full diversity of the rainbow as well as empathy to those that struggle and need support. 

I use Sinterklaas as a figure of boring normality politics and bring a female figure into my fantasy vision, storming to earth in a carriage pulled by cats. 

How it all started

Working on this project for two years now, it all started when a friend of mine inspired me by explaining the partly pagan origins of Sinterklaas, so I started by reading on Germanic and other myths, and magic. The very different origin stories of the world included women and animals, nature and their Gods and mythical creatures. An artist also gave me a wild re-telling of Saint Nicholas' association with prostitutes, which immediately sparked my imagination. Here was already a potential wild conspiracy that could go many ways. Was Saint Nicholas a savior, or maybe merely a glorified pimp to seafarers?


The film will partly be a collage film, with a few live action scenes shot with friends, models and amateur actors. A voice is telling us the Sinterklaas conspiracy, and how he ruined the world. Different people act as Sinterklaas and Cindy Claus, and Sinterklaas trying out a more feminine look.


While a little help from my friends is good for amazing results, I will need YOU to pitch in if this project speaks to you, to ensure the project will be a success.

The film project has been selected by AFK and Cinecrowd for Made in Amsterdam; which means The Coming of Cindy Claus will be additionally funded with 4000 euro upon reaching the fundraising goal! The goal is 4000, but any extra funding will go towards more shooting days.

Thanks for your encouragement and support in promoting this campaign, sharing it and following us on social media:

Instagram: sintacindyclaus

Myrte at the Sint Swag in Drag event December 4th, where the the film and crowdfunding was first announced, with body paint by Jess Graham.

Quote that inspired the maker

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
Oscar Wilde
This project was successfully funded on 14-02-2018

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