A City of Rust

A City of Rust
Een Animatie van Omar El Araby
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LOCKLINEThere is a place not so far away. A city of rust metal and clay. Few people know, it is hard to find. It is made up of things that we leave behind


Once upon a time

Galileo, a scientist/inventor tries to convince the "city of rust" inhabitants to stop the reckless use of the mountain's resources. Mountain which, he states, holds the energy that is the source of their life. When his recommendations are ignored and the people have to face the consequences of their indifference, they will turn to him for help...


Why and how

A city of rust is a short stop motion animation (of about 12 minutes). The film tells the story of a city that, at night, comes to life in a junkyard. It is our love letter to the beauty and simplicity of animation (and cinema). During production we followed one principle, think of an image and use what's around you to create it.

In this respect, I was so lucky to work with Swiss artist Francesco Granati (Eco). We had been toying with the idea of making an animation for a while and finally last November we met at his workshop and started working on it.

First we made some tests for the design of the puppets,  we wanted to give it an authentic look, Francesco, inspired by a colleague's work (Shendra Stucki), came up with the "wired man" design. 



 Finally we built the city, took care of the last details, and shot the whole film.


What now?

Everything from the puppets to the city and the sets for the indoor scenes is made with materials found in the trash and stuff that had just been lying around in someone's garage. This allowed us to achieve three things: first we did not spend any money, second we created a more realistic look of our rusty junkyard-like city and last, but not least, we did not hurt our beloved planet.

However, even if as far as production goes we kept a very low budget, post-production is a whole different kind of beast. We need to work with a visual effects artist and we need to rent a studio and a sound technician to record voice and sound effects.

Ah..we also want to advertise our film properly and submit it to several festivals, that also costs some money!



So please, if you believe, like we do, that this project has potential, If you like the idea of making a film only with recycled materials or if you simply like the story. Give us a little help, and for reward you'll be among the very first who watch the film and, most important of all, you'll have our eternal gratitude. If you plan on giving us a little more you'll get those two plus other very attractive rewards.


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