In de greep van de Chi-Uil: the making of Antitype Chi

Obsessed by the Grey Chi: The making of Antitype Chi.
A Documentary by Sander van der Eijk
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About the project
LOCKLINEAfter the controversial stage play 'Bestiary, or the Beaver’s Balls', it's time for a first film. Struggling artists and creative ecstasy.


Obsessed by the Grey Chi: The making of Antitype Chi will be a documentary about the production of the art film "Antitype Chi", as well as a portrait of the two creators: costume designer Pieter Kooiman and philosopher/musician Elias Mastenbroek.


The two friends staged a controversial theatre play in 2018, "Bestiary, or the Beaver’s Balls". The play was performed a few times in a crowded attic in the city of Dordrecht and was a small sensation in certain artistic circles of that city. Now they have decided to try their hand at a film. The film circles around and is infused by the mysterious Grey Chi moth. It is to become a mesmerizing synthesis of performance art and experimental music. 

The Grey Chi (Latin: Antitype Chi) encounters on its life path several fabulous animals and shares its life philosophy with them.
Elias writes the script and composes the film music in his attic room. Pieter manufactures the costumes for the Ant-Lion, The Bishop-Fish and the Cynocephalus (a human with a dog's head).

This summer, life size decors will be built in the back yard of a house in Brandwijk. A unique mythical universe will further be created with the aid of scale models, primitive special effects and "garden art".


The documentary will be about the artist’s struggle, the creative process of making a film, friendship and the relationship between art and daily life. More than just a look behind the screens, it will be a portrait of two friends who draw their own plan, averse to any social conventions.


Quote that inspired the maker

There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.
Frank Capra