Capo di Famiglia II

Capo di Famiglia II
A Feature film by Annemarie Libbers
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LOCKLINEThe sequel to the succesfull first part about the La Rosa family.

Vincent la Rosa is the head of his family. His father had asked him, before his death, to take over this position from him. Because of the seriousness of the demand and the pressure to protect his family, he said yes.
In the meantime, he has everything under control, business is going well and he wants to expand his business.
Now that he has considerable influence in the business world, he is making more enemies. Meanwhile, his mother is not doing well and he is losing the love of his pregnant wife Eva.
Meanwhile, he has to think about the future of his family and tries to get rid of his enemies.
When he thinks everything is going well, he comes into a dire situation over which he no longer has control. Who can he trust and who can't he trust. 


Capo di Famiglia has opened my heart as a filmmaker. The first film was remarkably well received and I think that is mainly due to the good and especially positive efforts of everyone who cooperated.

Now two years later it is time for a new moive. The story is getting rougher, darker and we crawl deeper into the lives of the characters. We get to know them better, but still not much is said. The story continues but the film stands on its own.

We as a crew are now more experienced and the team has been expanded with a number of enthusiastic professionals. We have more options and we are happy to use them.

Capo di Famiglia II is a dramatic mafia thriller with people of flesh and blood. There aren't many women who direct this genre, but I think it's fantastic. Humanity can always be found in that hard criminal world. On the one hand the mafia that is far removed from us for most of us, on the other hand people of flesh and blood. Men, women, children. They all have their own place, their own motivation to be who they are. Even in their own traditional roles.

It is a story about holding, letting go and surrendering. A struggle we all know. When do you surrender?

Annemarie Libbers - Director

When you look at what we have done and achieved with the first film, it will be a great challenge to show more of the people in this family and to make an even better movie.
In addition, as an actor you want to get everything out of this character.
After the first movie you can already make an estimate of this character but when the people will see the sequel, I think they will be surprised what happens to Vincent. For example, does he find out the consequences of his actions?
In part 1, Vincent receives a considerable responsibility when his father dies. He makes well-considered decisions which are becoming a considerable burden for him.
It is a huge challenge and a great role to play. Everytime I discover more and more what moves Vincent.

Dirk Gunther Mohr - Actor 

Instagram: @capodifamiglia2/


Quote that inspired the maker

Vincent, I know what you had to do to protect your family.
Anna La Rosa
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