An Animation by Remco Polman & Jantiene de Kroon
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About the project
LOCKLINEA stylishly animated dystopian thriller with monsters!

Studio Mooves has been working on the production of the animation film Camouflage for several years. The film is an important project for Jantiene de Kroon, screenwriter and producer, and Remco Polman, director and screenwriter, who want to make an elegant, captivating and socially urgent successor to their previous films Mortel and Dirkjan Heerst!



A big part of the film has already been made with the help of a team of animators and other artists. But, as you may know, a hand drawn animation film of 20 minutes is a lot of work. With your help and generous donations we can finish Camouflage and show it to you next year!

About the film
Camouflage is a gripping, dystopian thriller in which we follow the story of office clerk Amouf. Amouf desperately tries to hold his life together while the world around him gets darker and darker. A brutal regime
systematically prosecutes certain groups. Amouf is not a brave character, is he strong enough to offer resitance?

Camouflage will be a hand drawn animation film directed by Remco Polman and produced by Jantiene de Kroon; together they wrote the film’s scenario.

The film is about 20 minutes long and consists of approximately 320 shots with more than 800 animations of characters. For this film we’re working together with many artists who have all contributed in their own unique way to the visual style of the film. Draughtsman Jan Cleijne and illustrator Ramona Treffers, for instance, painted many of the backgrounds for the film.

Where to watch?
We will organize a special premiere in Amsterdam and in Nijmegen for all of our crowdfunders once the film is ready.

Camouflage is, first and foremost, a festival film. Therefore, we will construct a festival plan together with our festival distributor and Eye International. Ideally we want to premiere the film internationally at an A-list festival, such as the Berlinale. For The Netherlands we'll make sure to send the film to the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht, the Animation Festival in Amsterdam, Go Short Festival in Nijmegen and Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam.

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Quote that inspired the maker

The greatest evil perpetrated is the evil committed by nobodies, that is, by human beings who refuse to be persons.
Hannah Arendt
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