A Short film by Maickel Hartlief & Tygo de Vries
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LOCKLINEA short film about depression and post-it notes.

Why make your favourite food if everything tastes like paper anyway? Why clean if you can't see the difference between gabrage and decoration? What if time ahngs on the wall and the clock is what makes you older, if there's no difference between fear and reality and you feel as tearable as that picture you once loved so much? We follow someone as their world slowly turns to paper with words, and see what it does to him.

Why Brief?
We, Maickel & Tygo, both have experience with depression. We noticed that there is a lot of well-intended ignorance around the subject. "Just go outside a bit more!", "brush your teeth a little more often!", "Get out of bed a bit earlier!"

A phenomenon that's often hard to explain is how your perception of your surroundings change. That painting you like so much just looks like a piece of paper with some paint on the wall today. No shapes or colours. No feelings. Only the knowledge that what you're looking at is a "painting". To visualise this, we replace the painting with merely the word "painting"; a simple image that clearly shows how the beauty of the world can get lost on someone. Within this metaphore we can then visuale more symptomes, like overstimulation, insomnia, and social isolation.

With this project, we hope to clarify in a visual way how it feels to live with depression, which can help both those suffering from it and their loved ones to understand and talk about depression.

Why Crowdfunding?
This is a passion project  that we're otherwise completely financing ourselves. We're doing everything to spend as little as possible, by borrowing equipment where possible, wearing many hats, and thinking about financial feasability during the writing phase.

Despite all that, filming remains expensive: booking a location because the appartment we had in mind is being renovated, food for our fantastic crew, additional equipment rental, admission fees for film fesltivals, and many many, many post-it notes.

With your help, we can make a beautiful and impactful movie!

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