Een Documentaire van Barbara Vollebregt & Fatima Warsame
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LOCKLINEBreaking Borders shows the life of LGBT refugee and activist Ibrahim (30) who's trying to break physical, social and cultural borders.

Breaking Borders is a documentary that portraits the life of Ibrahim Mokdad (30). Ibrahim is one of the many LGBT refugees that fled to Europe to find a new home. But the story of Ibrahim is not one of many. When Ibrahim fled Lebanon, he fled with a goal. Not only did he want to find a safe place for himself, but also for the hundreds of other LGBT people who can't be themselves. Ibrahim now fills his days fighting societies labels and being a voice for other refugees while still dealing with the scars from his past. Ibrahim tells a story about seeking freedom and the struggles of dealing with that freedom. 

The documentary Breaking Borders tells a story that that has elements of recognition for people who have been (or are) in the same situation. It gives an inside look into a life of a gay refugee. But the film also shows how we all want the same things, love and a place to call home.

In a world that is polarizing, Ibrahim's story is an eyeopener. Breaking Borders goes behind everyday news stories about the refugee crisis, hatefull protests and violence in refugee camps. It is not about good or bad, it is not about right or left, it's about a boy breaking out of the borders of his past life. It's about acceptance, love, sadness and freedom. The documentary gives a face and stage to a minority group who's voice isn't being heard enough. It shows how refugees are people like you and me. And we as young filmmakers strongly believe that's what the world needs right now.

But as this is our very first documentary we need donations to make it work! Since camera's, lights, sounddesigner and editors aren't free we hope you can help us break these financial borders. The money will also be used to empower organizations that help LGBT refugees around the world and attend as many LGBT and refugee related film festivals.

We will make 2 trips to Cologne to film Ibrahim's everyday life. We (Barbara & Fatima) will be producing, filming, following and interviewing to get the most diverse documentary possible. It is important to us to also be of help to other LGBT refugees that are still looking for a safe space or can be inspired by this story. That's why we are also creating a website that is a platform of knowledge and empowerment.

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I used to live like a caged bird back in Lebanon. Now I'm in Germany I can finally spread my wings and experience freedom. I feel like it's my duty to help people that are still in that cage.
Ibrahim Mokdad
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