Baby Dyke

Baby Dyke
A Short film by Manouchka Theuns
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About the project
LOCKLINETwo girls who just met, experience an intriguing crazy adventure in the bathroom of the club that changes their lives for the better.

Baby Dyke is a 15 min short film targeted towards the ages 16 to 30 and is categorized within the genre 'Coming of age' and 'Comedy'. The story of the film follows two girls struggling with their difficulties in sexual orientation, starting the conversation about it and slowly coming to the realization that they might be gay. With the short film 'Baby Dyke' we want to give a platform to the experiences of trying to figure out your sexuality. We find it important to contribute an LGBTQ+ film that is playful and does not become yet another trauma story.


Two closeted lesbians with lots of sexual tension and flirting, bond over their difficulties with sexual orientation in a heteronomative society. They meet in the restrooms of a club where lots of fun characters (BN'ers, celebrities) join the conversation with their wisdom and insightful life advice in a comedic way. After the lecture on life in the restrooms, they ditch the party and end up on high grounds (hill, rooftop, or parking lot) that looks over the city. They continue their conversation on a more serious note and discuss the men in their life. Together, they realize that they are like dessert. They love them but don't need them to live.


The concept of Baby Dyke started with two ideas coming together. A coming of age film about queer people and a documentary about the female orgasm. Our research started with the word “comphet“. Comphet is a term generally used in lesbian circles that refers to when a woman is led to think that she’s only attracted to men through societal influences. This word began the starting point of our concept. The two main characters are based upon the directors their personalities. We also wanted to incorporate the stories we’ve experienced ourselves and the ones we heard from friends in the last few years related to sexuality and dating as a woman. 

In short, Baby Dyke is a short film that focuses on the human part of being part of the LGBTQ+, and not the tragic aspects. A script that is accessible for a bigger audience, with truth in EVERY word.


To make this film a great success. There is a lot we have to consider. We need equipment for cameras, light, sound, clothing, props, and food for all the hard-working people of this film. This costs money. That's why we can really use your help. In exchange, we will of course keep you informed of all the developments surrounding the film via our social media. With your help, we can create a platform where we share experiences about sexuality and thus starts the conversation.


Style-wise we want the feel of the movie to be playful and insightful. We want the audience to take something away after watching this movie, a good laugh or maybe a better understanding of themselves and their sexuality. 

We will play a lot with color and sound throughout this film. Think of blues, pinks, and purples. The film will have an original carefully curated soundtrack to support the emotions performed on screen.

We aim to create a movie with a similar feel to works such as Lady Bird, Before Sunrise, Booksmart, and Promising Young Woman.

Quote that inspired the maker

"The only straight I am, is a straight up bitch"
Lotta Ros