Almost there! And a special last-minute reward.

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Dearest and most wonderful supporters, fans, and friends:

We're almost there!! We've reached a spectacular €6.325,- because of your support and faith in us. This is 84% of our goal, and as you know, this is an all-or-nothing kind of game: if we reach our target amount, we'll receive an additional €5.000,- from Dutch production house BIND Film!

So if you can, please keep spreading the word amongst your friends, family, and other potentially interested supporters of GILLES.

And here's another thing: we have a SPECIAL LAST-MINUTE REWARD.
If you donate 100 euros or more (or if you retroactively upgrade your donation to that amount), you'll receive an exclusive copy of our GILLES BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTO BOOK, full of exclusive images of our adventures in Paris to bring this story to cinematic life.

FOUR DAYS LEFT! And after that we'll stop this spamming and we'll be nothing but grateful for your contribution to a short film that we believe needs to be made at this point in time.

Merci beaucoup à tous!


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