Almost at 25%!

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Dearest, awesomest supporters!

Thank you so much for your support and belief in our project. We care deeply about "GILLES", and we are very stoked to see we've almost reached that crucial 25% mark after only five days. And that is all because of you!

Next week, our director Jordi will travel to Paris to meet with our French co-producers and friends to talk about locations (Jordi's going to bike around the city until he's found the perfect street for the clash between the three characters), casting, permissions, and a whole bunch of logistical challenges. We'll make sure to keep you posted about our progress!

In the meantime, if you feel like spreading the word amongst your own network of friends, family and colleagues, we'd be much obliged! Our campaign is going well, but we need to reach the full 100% in order to receive any of your donations.

Once again: MERCI BEAUCOUP, and stay tuned about the adventures of GILLES.

Cheers from the entire team!

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