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LOCKLINEWhen Tessa, after a conflict with her mother during Christmas holidays, starts working as a highclass escort, she denies her actual need of intimacy.

´Aimée´ is a short drama film about Tessa, a nineteen year old student of medicine who decided to start working as an escort after a fight with her mother.

This summer a group of final year students of the Netherlands Film Academy started with the development of the story for their graduation movie Aimée. At the moment the formed crew is very busy with the production of the movie.



Tessa is a sympathetic student who has a complicated relationship with her mother. She is at an age where she discovers her sexuality and pushes her boundaries. In this she is more extreme than her peers. After yet another argument with her mother on the phone, where they decide not to spend Christmas holiday together, Tessa decides to start working as a highclass escort. Tessa calls herself after the perfume Aimée, that she initially bought for her mother as a Christmas present. Now she uses it on her appointments with customers. At first it doesn't seem to harm her in any emotional way. She feels powerful not to be in need of intimacy. However, Tessa starts drifting away from herself and the people around her.


Tessa is actually driven by a lack of intimacy. The feeling that she isn't loved and that she may not even be worth it, results in Tessa's self-destructive manner of handling sex. The relationship with her mother plays an important role in this conflict. The anger she feels for her mother transfers in sexual self harm. Tessa fights pain with pain. Self harming behaviour is actually a way to deal with unbearable feelings: A way to regulate feelings and get mostly driven by anger. 


Why Aimée?

Director Daan Groot has been fascinated by the theme of sexuality and intimacy for a long time. He met many different people within his circle who have worked as an escort. And these people weren’t ´low class people´. They were people from who you would have least expected it. Money wasn’t always the only motive. This fact fascinated Daan. He also found out in in conversations that he had with others about this theme, that there are many people who thought about starting a job in this business. Daan finds it interesting that prostitution has gotten a bigger role in this time filled with media and internet.

With this film Daan wants to investigate why we as people can be attracted to something that isn’t good for us. How we can feel excitement in the exciting, and how we can deprive our chance on real love because of our low self image. Daan finds it important to create bigger awareness for sexuality and intimacy. Because he thinks it’s everybody’s business.



The whole image and interpretation around sexuality is an important theme in the film. We want to make that visible with the presence of billboards, television advertisements or magazines. We have chosen for a realistic filmstyle, this will give the movie a raw vibe. It’s important that the film feels like a story ‘out of the actuality’. For some scenes we´re going to stay close to reality, almost documentary sometimes. For example a city decor with a lot of undirected people and natural lighting.

In the first part of the movie Tessa dresses like an average girl. She is somebody you could walk by without noticing her. But during the scenes in nightclubs it’s very clear she puts a lot of in dressing up, she knows how to dress up seductively. When she starts working as an escort she gets more invested with her appearance.

Tessa is played by Beaudil Elzenga, just graduated from the Dutch Academy of Theatre in Amsterdam. During the rehearsals Daan wants to further develop Tessa as a persona and prepare the drive behind the scenes well. On set there must be room for improvisation.

Quote that inspired the maker

Men don't choose evil because they like it, but because they mistake it for happiness.
Mary Wollstonecraft