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LOCKLINEHow the combinations of intense pleasure, suffering and striving for excellence evoke addictive behavior – the obsession with tango dancing.


With AddicTango we take a deeper look at tango through the eyes of three very different dancers; Dorine, Monika and Sing-Tjoe. Living vicariously through them we ponder: What is it that makes this emotionally rich dance more than just an amusement? How can a dance awaken addictive behavior and what are the elements that could trigger such an inclination?

Dorine, Monika and Sing-Tjoe took up tango dancing as a pleasurable pastime and gradually became completely devoted to the dance. What started as an activity on the side became a central feature of their lives, spending vast amounts of time and a considerable portion of their income on their chosen interest. They each dance a couple of times a week and travel frequently to various tango events throughout Europe. None of them can imagine their lives without tango; this dance is influencing their lives, identities, desires and relationships.

As is well known about tango, it can evoke unique feelings and naturally, this is what also captivated our three protagonists. The intimate connection with a known or an unknown other, the expression of inner emotions in a dance and sharing of intense moments - are precious rewards of tango, especially in an era when personal contact is increasingly replaced by virtual interaction. But there is more to tango and our movie will explore what else can tango offer to present-day people.

Furthermore, there is also an unpleasant side to tango. Our dancers need to deal with rejections; they are exposed to feelings of insecurity, frustration, jealousy and desperation. How do these negative experiences relate to the passion our dancers feel for the dance? Do these unpleasant feelings demotivate them or on the contrary, stimulate addiction?

It is with these musings that we undertake the making of AddicTango and we set out on an exploratory journey with Dorine, Monika and Sing-Tjoe.



AddicTango offers a unique perspective on a familiar subject - tango. The dance has been the subject of numerous cinematographic works. No wonder; it is a rewarding topic as it plays to the imagination of people. However, the topic of addiction in relation to tango hasn’t been explored and portrayed yet. 

We have chosen this approach in order to depict the experience of tango in depth. Taking the path of addiction leads us to incorporate the invisible sides of the dance too: the underlying factors, the unconscious motives and the invisible effects of tango. Only when we incorporate these hidden factors too, we can explore the experience of tango in its wholeness. And ultimately, only then we can convey this fascinating experience to you - our audience.



We intend to travel with our protagonists to tango events they attend (local milonga’s as well as international marathons, festivals, tango-holidays), recording their preparations, journeys and their experiences. Dancing is an important part of our visual narrative but not its main component. Just as important are other visuals captured from the everyday life of our protagonists and activities connected to tango, such as practicing, taking lessons, searching for outfits and watching performances.

About a year of filming is ahead of us. Then we want to dedicate another year to the completion of the movie: editing, finalizing the scenes as well as the montage.

From the collected amount we will finance the following costs: filming at tango events, sound editing, colour correction, copyrights for songs that we want to use, promotion and distribution of the final product. 

Every contribution will be appreciated and will go a long way to making this movie a great success.


Quote that inspired the maker

“Deep feelings always mean more than they are conscious of saying.” Albert Camus
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