A Short film by Nima Mohaghegh & Saman Amini & Black Sheep Can Fly
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LOCKLINEA Kiss: A filmproject made possible by kids from refugee centers.


Are you aware that the refugee crisis has hit a worldwiderecord? Around the world about 65.6 million people are on the run, according to Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland. It seems that the world is turning a blind eye to these displaced persons, with indifference often the most easy option.

How do you reach the greater public with a movie about something like the refugee crisis? Director Nima Mohaghegh and theater-maker Saman Amini decide to tackle this topic head on. For the past two years they have curated theater-workshops at more than 10 refugee centers throughout the Netherlands. About 180 children between the ages of 10 and 15 have participated and with a selection of 12 talented kids they are now working on the love story 'A KISS’. The movie will be ready for screenings and submission for film festivals at the end of this year.

It is therefore extremely exciting and interesting that two talented creators are involved in this very complex and hard to grasp subject. In addition to their talent and experience, both of them embody the issue at hand and, literally, have experienced them. As former refugees, they themselves have experienced how life is in a refugee cente. They decided to make a film with all their talent, energy and intelligence, telling a sharp, self-evident and sometimes uncomfortable story of some of the 65.6 Million people.

By making and distributing the film we would like to engage the Dutch public into a dialogue and give them the chance to form a different image regarding refugees than that is often portraid through social media. Our hope is to create awareness amongst adults and young people and contribute to a better understanding between refugees on the one hand and Dutch society on the other. The term 'refugee' will be given a human face.


In 'A KISS', 15-year-old Afghan Leyli is the dream of all the boys. Abdi, a 12-year-old Syrian refugee, has fallen madly in love with her. Abdi and his family receive the news that they will be moved to a different refugee center at the end of the week. Our young hero begins an unstoppable march to win Leyli's heart. Knowing that if he fails to tell her, he will regret it for the rest of his life.



On August 7 we started recording the movie. Where will that happen? Well finding a location has not been easy. The location we were assigned to is in Budel. Budel? Yes, our thoughts exactly. Budel is a one and a half hour drive from Amsterdam. Over a period of 2 weeks we will be filming, around which the cooporation with the children of refugee centers is central. With the help of the Nederlandse Filmfonds, Vluchtelingenwerk Oost-Nederland en het Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds we have come this far and in order to complete the film professionally we are looking for your help.


Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het VSB fonds.

Quote that inspired the maker

"The opportunity given to me growing up in a refugee center is at the heart of my existence today. With the project 'A KISS' we hope to mean the same for young people who are now living in asylum centers.
Saman Amini
This project was successfully funded on 22-09-2017

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