NEWSLETTER #1: Thesis Film Sara van Oostrum- 'We Run To Be Free'

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July 2, 2018- Brussels 
To my family, friends and colleagues, 
As many of you know four years ago I started my studies at RITCS School of Arts here in Brussels. I have worked hard, enjoyed myself, failed, succeeded, laughed and cried. I finally know what everyone was talking about when they told me that the years in film school were going to be some of the best years of my life. Till now they have been, it’s a chapter of my life I am really truly going to miss. 
But luckily I’m not  quite done yet… 
So here is the real reason that I am writing to you.
To make it to the finish line and, make my thesis film come to life I need your help. After these four years practicing and experimenting I want to really challenge myself for one last time to make sure I can make something that comes from my heart and represents me as the filmmaker that I want to be. As a result, my project has become quite ambitious financially. So far we have raised 65% of the budget, and to fund the last 35% of my film I have set up a crowdfunding that starts today in the hope to raise the remaining 3,500euros in 40 days.  
My thesis film ‘We Run To Be Free’ is about a state of mind. 
“BEAUTIFUL, a carefree state of mind for the young, wild, and free.”
This is the state of mind that Eva and her friends find themselves in. Together they are ‘The Beauties’, the girls that can afford to do anything, thinking that they are truly untouchable to the struggles of the world. The Beauties don’t need anything but each other: boys are just there for fun and love is a notion that they have left behind.   
However, the world of the beauties is an escape, an illusion that slowly loses its beauty for Eva. But once out of Beautiful…, nothing is ever the same. 
"We Run To Be Free” is a story of the first steps toward adulthood; about how Eva continues to escape from her own actions and grief through a facade.
 So far we have an amazing crew… starting with my badass brother, Raphaël, who will be literally creating the images of my dreams, and Nathan Naenen, who has been my partner in crime since I started at RITCS. 
And to top is off we have a BEAUTIFUL cast including Eliza Stuyck as ‘Eva’ and Francis Chapman and Elias Vandenbroucke as ‘Lucas’ and ‘Alex’ to be Eva’s BEAUTIFUL lovers. 
So if you have a passion for film (or for me hihi) and have a little or a lot to spare SUPPORT my dream and help it come true (and get some fun PINK prizes in return)! 
Liefs and Love, 
You can follow our dream and process on Instagram and Facebook

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