Mother of Beauty

Mother of Beauty
A Documentary by Frank van Osch
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About the project
LOCKLINEEmmeline Snively was a Mother of Beauty for hundreds of models in post-war America. How did she create beauty? And what is left of it nowadays?

In The Mother of Beauty, we project the universal theme ‘the meaning of beauty’ onto the beauty industry in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s. To be more specific, onto the Blue Book Modeling Agency at Wilshire Boulevard, the agency where Marilyn Monroe got her start. How did Miss Emmeline Snively, owner of the agency, create beauty?

Miss Emmeline Snively and Marilyn Monroe (© Ben & Astrid Franse)

And to what extent are those values – all these years later – still felt by Emmeline’s models and people that knew her? They know her intense, almost obsessive relationship with beauty like no other and the necessity of being beautiful in post-war Hollywood. And they know everything about aging, and the constant battle to stay young. To what extent is beauty part of our society, and how does it affect us in our daily lives?

The Mother of Beauty is being made by the Dutch documentary production company Van Osch Films. We are almost there, but in order to finish this documentary we need your support! 

Who are we?

Van Osch Films creates cultural and social documentaries as well as television series. All our documentaries have a distinct trademark – they are always probing and personal. These personal stories cut close to the bone but also touch and inspire the viewer. They show secrets, fear, pain, motivation, inspiration and love.

Our documentaries cover a wide range of subjects and topics; from the late Marilyn Monroe and the Dutch musical group Bots to the world-famous photographer Jan Banning. Other topics include absent fathers, Indonesian comfort women, confessing criminals, hidden histories, grieving widows and passionate artists.

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This project is also supported by: Omroep Max, Brabant C, Netherlands Film Production Incentive and CoBo. 

Quote that inspired the maker

I think it was my inner self that kept saying: you can do it, you can do it. Believe in yourself. Real beauty is on the inside, isn’t it?
Elaine Dupont (Blue Book Model 1948 - 1952)
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