Modern Monks

Modern Monks
A Documentary by Julia Strijland
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About the project
LOCKLINEModern Monks questions sense and nonsense of zen and life. This revealing portrait shows that there is no framework for being a monk in modern days.

The Story

"Modern Monks' shows the sense and nonsense of zen and life through the eyes of seven monks and their Zen master Kosen, Stéphane Thibaut. Following the footsteps of Master Taisen Deshimaru from Japan, he carries the Soto Zen tradition to its European disciples. No philosophy, no science, no religion, no art, no dogmas. But the source from which everything arises and allows us to be happy.

Josy, Thierry, Fred & Paula, Christophe and Ton & Angie have been following master Kosen many years, They are a dancer, scientist, etc. Ordinary people with everyday concerns and problems. They found through the zen answers to life, such as: "What do you do when the body degenerates? How to develop, deal with our rational mind? How to deal with pain, hatred, fear and ignorance? "

An intriguing and intimate portrait of modern Zen monks in 2014: young and old, rich and poor, educated or not, living in different countries, they all find their way into the zen and show us their world.

Modern Monks goes international

Modern Monks is already edited in a three-part TV series and broadcasted by the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation. To bring the documentary to a wider audience's attention and to promote Internationally we want to make a DVD in four languages ​​(Dutch, French, English & Spanish). With 6000, - euro we can realize this and Modern Monks will be crossing borders. If you like our project, then donate some money. The Dutch TV version you can see online:



Quote that inspired the maker

"Paula told me that if I wouldn´t get children, she would leave me. She was very specific, so it started a thinking process in me. At that time I thought that as a monk, you only should do zazen."
Frédérique Gruau
This project was closed on 18-11-2014

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